Trusted Tradespeople

I am always being asked for the names of really excellent tradespeople in Greenwich. This list is specifically non-exhaustive.

It is people that have either done exceptional work for me, my personal friends, or people I really trust.

At the moment, that means those lovely folk who regularly contribute, non-anonymously, to The Greenwich Phantom’s comments section.

Tradespeople are included at my whim, and all carry the warning that just because they’ve done good work for me or someone I know doesn’t mean they’re going to be any good for you. Caveat Emptor…

The GoogleAds, just as on every other page, are nothing to do with me. Use them to get a quote;- I neither endorse nor condemn individual advertisers.

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House of Beauty

Room 2, 1st Floor, 184-186 Westcombe Hill, SE3 7DH

020 8305 1719

Anita comes with years of experience and many recommendations from regular Phantomites.

The Beauty Room

Cathy is recommended by regular Phantophile Ruth, who says it was “It is the best facial I have had in the past 10 years!”


Dave asked on the blog about anyone knowing of a reliable kennels for his  dog Sam.  Dazza suggested Paws for Caring. After a seven-hour op and four days recuperating in Guy’s hospital he’s now home as is Sam. He says:
I can highly recommend Kristel as my stay was a little longer than anticipated she was most helpful in looking after Sam for the extra couple of days – brilliant communication from her too. Knowing Sam was being looked after in a family environment as opposed to kennels was extremely comforting and greatly eased an already stressful time.


The previous  entry has been removed – I used this particular company twice – once they were brilliant, the second time they were less than good. I’m no longer recommending them.

and sadly another guy has also been removed after being rude to a reader


Hot Tap Plumbing fans will be glad to know that, after being away from the area for a while they are now back and raring to go again.


Regular Phantomite Sheila found Bernd Weiss to be

“top quality, great attention to detail, helpful suggestions throughout the process and very timely. He is expensive, but you get what you pay for and I’d highly recommend him.”

His phone number is 07831 353 869 and his email address is

Washing Machine Repairs

Vince at FM Services has been a Bosch specialist for years, but repairs all kinds of machines. I have no idea if he’s any good (though I’m guessing he is very good) because he was able to tell me over the phone what was wrong with my machine, suggest ways to fix it myself, and some idea as to whether, if not, it was worth actually getting a repair. I was really impressed with his friendliness, his willingness to help solve the problem, even if it meant he didn’t get a sale out of me and his attitude to customer-service.

If my machine goes wrong again, I will definitely call him. Hell, if it breaks completely I might well get my next machine from him too…

Tel: 020 8697 0054.

512 Bromley Road


Cooker Repairs

Tracey says “The fan in our oven had stopped working and we called – absolutely brilliant service. Called at 4pm on a Sunday and 3 hours later all fixed. Came to £130 for a new fan and bulb. Not bad I thought.”

Plaster Works

Richard tells me that Freddie of Belgravia Plasterworks managed to repair a badly cracked and falling Edwardian plaster cornice after some cowboy plasterers made a hash of plastering the ceiling. He’s based at the Sun in the Sands and specialises in fibrous plaster – the sort that older buildings have in the ornate ceiling and cornices.  Tel no     07867 924 183

Ray-Ban and Designer Sunglasses Repair

A couple of years ago, I bent over to look at something and my Ray-Bans, which had been tucked in my t-shirt, fell out onto a gravel path, scratching them to buggery.

I sat on my next pair.

But they’d both been bloody expensive – so I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away. I was idly googling the other day and discovered Ray-Ban You send your dead goggles off with a cheque for £14.99 for a service, £29.99 for serious work and a few days later you get a little box back with your bins inside, good as new. And considerably cheaper than shelling out for a fresh pair.

I’ll warn you – they’re not great communicators – I emailed them first to check they could do my particular models and got no reply. But I figured my glasses were dead anyway and just sent them off into the ether. They came back within four days.



P&D has been doing a little home improvement:

“I ordered carpet from Carpet Smart, Meridian Trading Estate, Lombard Wall, Charlton SE7 a couple of weeks ago and, although youthful, the service was polite and helpful. They even allowed me ample time to finish decorating before calling them to arrange fitting. The two chaps from Carpet Smart arrived yesterday and fitted half the carpet but couldn’t complete the job because two of my doors needed trimming (the doors would have dragged the carpet or not been able to move otherwise).


This tradesperson has sadly been removed.



Dave tells me

“Jon Stollar is a rising star, I would say, on the garden design front. I found him through a card in a newsagents in Greenwich and he designed and transformed our garden. He did a sterling job. People are amazed when they see it. It’s a year on since the transformation and the planting and pond have matured superbly, it looks better than ever. Proving he really know his onions, and of course he’s a resident here too. Excellent.”

Look out for the first picture on the site – it’s Dave’s garden…

Sheila recommends Catherine Clancy, a gardener who lives in Blackheath.  She says “you can see examples of her work on her website – her contact details are on there too.  We asked her to come in and revitalise our garden, on the basis she had done our next door neighbour’s garden and they rated her very highly.  She came in to do ours, was really flexible about timings, gave lots of helpful advice by email about what we could do ourselves and offers a service whereby she can come 3 or 4 times a year to do the major work, allowing you to do some of the easier work yourself.  She also did a really good job on our garden, so both my next door neighbour and I would highly recommend her!”

Furniture Stores

Warren Evans Beds

These guys aren’t in Greenwich or its environs, but Pablito’s extremely impressed with their service when buying a bed or mattress.

He says “The whole process was amazingly painless. E-mail enquiries were answered promptly. Their Clapham showroom was great, well laid out and informative. The assistants were friendly and extremely helpful. Choice is pretty good and not amazingly expensive.

My bed and mattress were delivered to Deptford exactly when I was told they would be. The two delivery guys lugged the bed and mattress into my flat and had it assembled within about 10 minutes. I’m exceptionally pleased with it as well

Added to that, all their beds are made from sustainable woods so I can feel smugly green at the same time.”


As recommended by long-term Phantomite Mike:



Matt says:

“When the lock on our back door jammed, I popped into Blackheath Locksmiths up by Blackheath station, and a very nice man came round the following afternoon and not only repaired the lock but also took a file to the runners to make the door open more smoothly, which had nothing to do with the lock but was very much appreciated, as I can now get out to water the plants one-handed. He’d earlier also phoned to let me know they were running a bit late, which not everyone bothers doing.”

So, yes, a hearty recommendation. I’m sure people can Google them for more details but, just for reference, it’s Blackheath Locksmiths, 34 Blackheath Village, SE3 9SY. Tel: 020 8852 1222,




Lucy says:

I was struggling to open a jammed lock on a dark and chilly January night at 2130 and had tried three locksmiths already, none of whom proved helpful or showed any interest in coming to take a look. Bill from Lockmaster1 said he would be there in 10 minutes and he was. Not only that he opened the door in even less time, promptly supplied a new lock the next day and charged me half what others had quoted. Look no further. He’s helpful on alarms too.

Contact: Bill

Mob: 07908 959198

Painters & Decorators:

Polly Rocket says “Speak to Alan on 01634 711046. He is a proper tradesman ie takes a real pride in his work, does a quality job, and is a lovely bloke. He and his son Jason did our house, inside and out, in Blackheath, plus at least 4 other places in Blackheath as word spread. He recently did a friend’s flat in Blackheath and she is thrilled with the results.”

Window Cleaners

Holly likes ‘Dave’ – she doesn’t know his surname but he cleans a mean window.


Longterm Phantophile Mike says:

Here is a tradesman I can wholeheartedly recommend:

Decorator/Carpenter – Martin Best 07765 890880

He has done work at Greenwich Academy for me and has been excellent.



Maciej had some roofing done and also a skylight fitted by Ricky Fuller from Prestige Roofing and was very pleased. He has a rep for not being the cheapest you can get, but for being very high quality.
His number is 07 962 343 112 and his email is

Greenwich History Courses

Run by Linda Cunningham, a Yeoman at ORNC.

I have had several students of this course contact me to say how good it is. Two hours, 7-9 at ORNC Clore Learning Centre comprise of a one hour powerpoint presentation by Linda or other experts followed by tea/coffee/vino and even home made cakes THEN a colloquia/chat/debate where stories views etc. are shared. Sometimes there is a tour instead of a talk.

Usually £80 for the eight weeks = £10 a week, including tea, coffee and vists.

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