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Faded Greenwich Faded No More

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Remember this? One of the last vestiges of old Greenwich – a harmless little badge of our industrial and maritime past.

Well, folks, the photo above’s just about all we have left of that. Can anyone give me a buyable justification for this?

I guess they wanted to ‘tidy up’ the ‘nasty old stuff’, but in doing so the developers have committed a kind of reverse vandalism. I mean – it’s not even neatly done. And the colour sucks.

This was completely unnecessary. It’s not like the rest of the project is all beautiful, minimalist and clutter-free. They could have easily incorporated the old sign into the development as a heritage thing, as a link with the site’s former history. But no. Some work-experience kid was given a pot of paint and told to get lost for a couple of hours.

We may be getting a whole bunch of shiny new buildings in Greenwich all ready for the Olympics, but it’s a pact with the devil. Each of these little bits of ‘smartening’ (in no real sense of the word) is tiny in itself but as a cumulative thing, we are trading Greenwich’s soul for a progress that isn’t worth what we are losing.