The Phantom’s Top Five

London Daily Photo
This is my Homepage. Every day, without fail, Ham comes up with another alternative view of London. Occasionally he actually covers Greenwich – but every day it’s something fascinating, usually that I didn’t know about. Subscribe now.

London Low Life hurtled straight into my top five the second I saw it. Superimposes various old maps on a modern one, with an opacity bar so you can see where you are. Just brilliant.

Diamond Geezer
The original and best.

Greenwich Guide
A great first-base for all things Greenwich

Greenwich Industrial History Society
A fabulous resource.

Okay. So I can’t count. Here’s a sneaky sixth:

Greenwich Photo History
A wonderful photo wiki that does what it says on the name…

Other Links (in no kind of order)

For a while I’ll be updating this section VERY slowly – HTML linkage does my head in after a bit!

Shady Old Lady
Quirky things about London.

Market People Project about endangered markets, including Greenwich

Subterranean Greenwich
Everything under your feet

853 A great blog based in Charlton with lots of local news and comment.

The Charlton Champion Everything Charlton.

Open Mic Greenwich Keeping a tab on live music in town

Kidbrooke Kite Everything Kidbrooke

Greenwich Historical Society’s website is elegant and easy to use. I hope that with time, they may digitise past journals for easy perusal…

The Greenwich Meridian – a website about the Meridian line around the world – and what’s on it.

Prior Knowledge
Mainly Music from Charlton-based Jeff.

Trinity College’s What On

The Greenwood Map of 1827 is a fantastic resource – easy to read and use.

Friends of East Greenwich Pleasaunce

Theatre of Wine
Easily the best wine merchant in the area
All things London – and they’re nice about me…

Greenwich Society

Last Bus Home

Derelict London
A wonderful portrait of the capital’s underbelly. I can’t decide whether I’m pleased or depressed at Greenwich featuring so prominently in it.

The Blackheath Society

Blackheath Bugle Lovely blog about life the other side of the heath.

Brockley Central – fabbo Brockley-based blog.

Friends of Greenwich Park

Greenwich Wildlife – does what it says on the blog – it’s Greenwich and it’s wildlife.

The Friends of Mycenae Gardens

Westcombe Society

Deptford Dame
All things West of the big G

Everything you (n)ever needed to know about the Blackwall Tunnel, lovingly crafted by an enthusiast

Meridian Speakers a group of friendly folk learning to be toastmasters

Vanbrugh Castle School
Memories and photos of the former RAF Benevolent School at Vanbrugh Castle

Shop Greenwich
Greenwich’s independent shops unite

Greenwich Theatre

The Ashburnham Triangle Association
Residents Group dealing with the Ashburnham Triangle Conservation Area

Charles Booth Walks A Deptford walking tour based on the notes and maps of Booth

The Hunthouse A fabulous resource for maps, street names, Postcodes, etc.
South East London Social Networking Meet-Up group – a lively group that meets regularly to do fun stuff. Singles or attacheds equally welcome – the emphasis is on friendship. This is NOT a dating group.

Greenwich Council
Official Council website

Anti-Council group

Greenwich Foundation
In charge of the Old Royal Naval College

Los Dawsons
These guys play at the Chu and Cho every other week and are a great Sunday evening relax.

Greenwich Picturehouse
Don’t ask, just join

Cutty Sark Trust
Follow the old girl’s conservation here. Join the trust and knock ‘em a few quid when you can. They’ve been given some cash recently, but even though it’s 10 million it’s not enough…

Kudocities London

Where people from all over the city chat about the stuff that matters. Wanna know what happened to the London Underground mice? Why Barons Court has no apostrophe, but Earl’s Court does? Which public lav smells most? Ask here – and someone will know…

Save Greenwich Park
Blog dealing with Olympic issues

All Things Greenwich Local social networking site.

London’s Lost Garden
Blog about Sayes Court


All Things Greenwich A directory of Greenwich businesses and services.

Non-Greenwich Links:

How To Be A Retronaut My favourite blog ever. I can’t describe it – just check it out. Brilliant.

Lately Gay is the brand new site of Phantom Friend, Blackheathen, who often contributes fabulous photos to the Phantom Blog. It deals with all the trials and tribulations of coming out later in life…

Old Time Remedies
Got a problem and too embarrassed to go to your doctor? Try this – one of The Phantom Webmaster’s more curious projects – to introduce the world to remedies for aches and pains through the centuries. Some are familiar, some forgotten, some best forgotten.

Bad Witch Blog
Everyone should have at least one witch as a friend, and here’s mine. She’s a Wiccan, and writes about all things pagan. But even though she doesn’t do the turning-people-into-frogs bit, by her own admission, she’s a bad witch. If there’s a corner to cut, she’ll cut it; if she can make do with a ball bearing rather than seek out an eye-of-newt, that’s fine by her. Check her out.

Did The Earth Move For You

Ever wondered just how far the earth really moved during that moment of perfect earthly bliss? This site, by another pal of mine, will work it out for you…

Where Graphic Designers go to die…

Stitch & Bitch

Knitting Fun For All
The Informed Consumer

Got a consumer problem? Our very own Capability Bowes has begun his own consumer blog.