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TGP – Phone Home

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Some people are their own worst stereotypes.

Take the guy who bombarded me a couple of months ago with accusations that I was a covert operation by Greenwich Council to infiltrate the internet with propaganda (I know. Don’t even go there…)

The gentleman in question pelted me with messages, challenging me to email him if I wasn’t Greenwich Council. Since I don’t knowingly get into conversation with nutters, I ignored him. After about half an hour, I got a whole pile of other accusations, amounting to the reason why I didn’t reply to him was that I was too busy enjoying fat meals in my council palace at taxpayers’ expense to take any notice of him.

I am slightly embarrassed to admit it was at this point I did rise to the bait, asking the guy if he was totally mad.

Oh-oh. Red-rag-to-the-proverbial time. He revealed what he really wanted to talk about – UFOs. Only on the internet, eh…

But then I started thinking. Why not see if anyone’s seen anything extra-torrential on Blackheath recently? Or at all? So, today, folks, let’s talk UFOs.

Firstly, I have to say that trying to research Greenwich UFOs isn’t easy on the wonderweb, partially because all the sightings of every UFO ever seem to be given at a specific point of “Greenwich Mean Time,” presumably to add some kind of erzatz authenticity to the event. It’s nice to know we’re mentioned so much, but there’s one hell of a load of irrelevant stuff out there.

The second problem I had was that many sightings seem to have been at Greenwich, CTT, or East Greenwich, R.I. Of course I should have predicted that – all aliens automatically aim straight for the United States.

The internet comes into its own when you type those three little letters into a search engine. Websites that have never heard of the concept of paragraphs, punctuation or of leaving any kind of empty space on a screen, whose favourite font size is very small are wonderful places to remind you that in comparison you are reasonably sane.

Before I get to the UFOs of Greenwich, England, I’d like to share with you a couple of things I discovered whilst searching…

1. The Roswell sites were not random – they predict the return of the Mayan Serpent god Quetzacoatle in 2012, coincidentally the very same moment when the sun will rise from the mouth of the worm Ouroboros on the December solstice, leading to catastrophic change. The site is unclear as to whose solstice this involves, so whether it’s in Oceania somewhere and we die in our beds, or have a US style solstice and get a few more hours of Earth as we know it, is open to interpretation, but it’s nice to know we’ll still have the summer Olympics.

2. Megaliths don’t queue up in boring old ley lines – they can all be related to each other by drawing two pentagrams, one over the other within the equator, anchoring one on zero longitude at Greenwich, the other on Giza. Fab, eh…

But onto the UFOs. I’ve separated them out from the sightings of weird ghosts, strange creatures and other phenomena or we’ll be here all day. I’ll come back to them another time when I’ve had a nice cup of tea and a sit down. There are quite a few of them, especially beasties.

The first sighting I can find is in 1783, when stunned Greenwich farmers saw a brightly lit object hovering in the night sky. According to the site I read it on, (which I forgot to note down and now, of course, will never find again…) “They were even more amazed when the object seemed to release many smaller luminous craft which floated around the larger craft. After a time, all seemed to disappear in an instant…”

The ‘best’ Greenwich sighting was over a hundred years later – and by a real astronomer, Edward Walter Maunder. A couple of hours after sunset, on Nov 17 1882, he and some colleagues all saw “an airship” suddenly appear, moving steadily across the sky. They described it as spindle/shuttle/cigar shape and they agreed it was neither a cloud nor a meteor.

“It appeared to be a definite body, nothing could well be more unlike the rush of a great meteor or fireball than the steady,” wrote Maunder. Unsurprisingly he found its greenish light “extraordinary and alarming,” and was probably relieved when it just as suddenly disappeared.

Everything seems to go quiet for another century or so, when it all began to kick off again in the 1970s (I can’t find anything local for that golden age of UFO-ery, the 1950s, but will be delighted to hear about any I’ve missed… )This time it was – and remains today – a favourite of the local newspapers.

According to UFOINFO, on September 8, 1974, “a bright, sulphurous light was seen over Plumstead Common at 11:25 p.m. It hovered, then shot off at great speed.”

“The next day, September 9, 1974, “at mid-morning, the same, or a similar, object was seen at Eltham, a fantastically bright glare, moving slowly.”

Today, most ‘sightings’ can be found gleefully reported in specialist periodicals such as the News Shopper – among which can be found splendid reports like this

I’m sure I’ve left some out, but frankly I’ve fried my brain enough on this one. You want to find more sightings? Go ahead (and let me know, eh…)

I leave you with NMM’s final word on the matter – and a rare sighting from Stephen in Greenwich Park: