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Mad Road Signage at the Odeon

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Alex asks:
I was traveling to the Odean cinema this evening and by mistake I drove into a “bus lane only”.I would like to find out if there is any cameras there and do I have to worry about being giving a ticket ??? 

There’s certainly a very odd piece of road management for car drivers coming from the direction of the O2 and wanting to turn right to go to B&Q /Sainsburys/Comet/ Odeon, where the ‘obvious’ place to turn is actually a bus-only lane; drivers are required to take the one immediately left of that. It is marked with No Entry signs, but isn’t clear if you’re seeing the junction for the first time. 

The Phantom replies:

I don’t think there are any cameras on the road itself, but if you were in front of a bus, or there was one coming towards you, they may have snapped you with an on-board camera – it happened to me once in Croydon while they were doing the tram network and the road was a dog’s dinner of signage. Croydon council must have made a fortune out of confused Phantoms. They certainly didn’t spend it on signs…

But yes, that junction is a total mess. It’s dangerous, too – there have been a number of accidents with buses recently, but  it ISN’T clear where cars have to go if they are turning right into the Odeon/ B&Q / Sainsburys (and soon to be Matalan) estate.

The ‘main’ road is a bus lane, and there are two ‘no entry’ signs, one either side, that seem to imply there is no entry allowed whatsoever. Even if you know where you’re going you really have to think twice. The driver is forced to go to the extreme left, which just feels wrong, especially if you know that when you get round the corner you’re not going to be allowed into the little service road that runs along the shops. Then the little entrance into the car park is surrounded by hedges (very nice but…) that again, look like they’re not the main entrance.

I’ve not actually committed this particular sin, but my brain has been tempted to – it takes serious concentration every time to get it right. From the other end it’s much clearer -people who go up the service road from that end generally know exactly what they’re doing (and always seem to be the arrogant, swanky-vehicle brigade who don’t give a damn about bus cameras anyway…) but  from the north, Alex, yes, it’s a real issue. You are not alone.

This junction really needs to be looked at – and not just for motorists. The bus accidents a year or so ago created a little frisson of tutting, but I’m not convinced that if anything at all was done about it, it’s made any difference. I can’t see that if IKEA come to the peninsula it’s going to get anything other than a lot worse.

Sorry there are no pics – I meant to go out and snap some but haven’t had a moment.

Crossing Points Again

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Pat’s irritated by the new crossing points that seem to be sprouting up all over the east end of Greenwich. She says

“I mentioned recently the new crossing points on Woolwich Road and have since noticed more on the Charlton side of the tracks. I now see that they have sprouted what appears to be solar panels! Can this be right? I might be showing my lack of green credentials here but I would have thought that the amount of expenditure to create dropped pavements, build island structures and erect signage would far outway any benefit gained by a few small panels at any time in the near (or distant) future.

Or maybe someone can put me right and tell me they are disguised speed cameras or mobile phone masts, perhaps they are monitering for alien contact!”

I don’t think that speed cameras are allowed to be disguised. I’m sure I remember the car lobby finding some way of not only getting them not disguised but actually making them obvious – which is why they all wear yellow jackets. Not sure how they wangled that one but I confess to using the loophole myself from time to time. All car drivers know where speed cameras are and adjust their driving accordingly. Frankly, in my humble, the only speed cameras that really work are those average-speed jobs – they’re scary. Oh – and the cameras in the Limehouse link which mean that traffic crawls through it at 30 mph.

So no, I don’t think that it’s speed cameras, and the alien contact is out. We already have Glenister Green for that. So I have no idea what the solar panels are for. Do they have LED lights?

Hmm. The expense. I guess it comes out of the roads budget and I guess if it makes walking a bit safer so we have more pedestrians then it could be argued that getting people out of cars is saving the planet. It’s a feeble guess, I know. Anyone got any other thoughts?