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The Merry Month of May

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

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A lazy post from me today, thanks to Mike and Julie who sent me some fantastic shots of yesterday’s May celebrations. It’s always quite an eyeful to see a tree walking through the streets of Greenwich:

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and I really love that it is still done on May Day itself, rather than the nearest weekend, even if it means I can’t always see it for myself – somehow it seems ‘right’ rather than ‘convenient.’

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So who are these brave souls who paint themselves green, wear rams’ horns or dress up as trees?

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Well – they are the good folks of Fowler’s Troop and the splendid ‘tree’ is the Deptford Jack in the Green.

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The tradition, from around 1906, was revived in the early 1980s by the Blackheath Morris Men (who, I assume, were out there on Blackheath yesterday morning at the sort of hour Phantoms are still tucked up in bed after a hard night’s haunting. One of these May Day’s I WILL get up early enough to see them…)

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Some of the Jacks around the country have swollen into giant celebrations, with hundreds of people pitching up to see the fun. I rather like that although it’s not a secret (I always put it in the Parish News) it’s quite a ‘hidden’ affair, for people in the know and those who are surprised and delighted by it when it suddenly arrives.

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If you ever feel like getting involved with Fowler’s Troop, do look at the website and send an email to regular Phantophile Sarah, who can tell you all about it…

May Morris Morning

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

Greenwich Morris Men have sent me a link to photos of their May Dawn Dance on the heath this morning. While we were all tucked up in our beds, these stout fellows were jingling bells, bashing sticks and waving hankies to see-in May Day in the traditional fashion.

Ged tells me it was cold but not actually raining at the time and the sunrise was glorious. Apparently the dance straddles the sunrise by about 15 minutes each side. Dawn was at 5.32 this morning – so these guys started around 5.17am. I hope they all had a nice cup ‘a tea at the ‘ut afterwards.

I don’t know – it makes me feel all rustic. A little bit of the countryside in London. I have no idea what the donkeys made of it…