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Moore No More

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Gregor asks the not-unreasonable question:

“Now that there’s a Henry Moore retrospective on at the Tate, Greenwich’s own empty plinth feels a little emptier. Does anyone have any idea whether the Henry Moore foundation will ever return the statue to the park?”

The Phantom replies:

You know – even the mighty Today Programme had a feature on this this morning, Gregor. It would seem that the Henry Moore Foundation has got such a bee in its bonnet about it that it’s taken it away ‘for safekeeping’ i.e. so no one ever gets to see it again.

Apparently the insurance cost became prohibitive – but I don’t really get why – I mean the park is locked at night, the thing must weigh a ton – who’s going to steal it? Besides – how can you insure something like that? It’s not like it could be replaced.

I don’t know when it’s coming back, but it’s the place Moore himself chose for the sculpture – and the plinth looks pretty damn silly without it.

Maybe we should be using the Olympic Panacea to get it back.