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The Greenwich Snowlady

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

Isn’t she adorable? Not, perhaps, as downright sexy as last year’s snow-siren but voluptuous in her own way. Not sure if she’ll still be there as Nathan who took this tells me that there was a bunch brats going around smashing snowmen as soon as the nice kids were building them. Sigh.

Snowy Greenwich

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

I’ve not ventured past my door today, but Gary did and reported back with some pics for a snowbound Phantom.

He tells me that Greenwich was pretty quiet – the market was virtually empty, a shame for the traders who must have got up so early in such hideous conditions.

But it does look pretty, I’ll give the snow that much…

Take care, folks, wherever you are.

You Know What They Say About Yellow Snow…

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Okay so Matt was cycling along the Thames Path – you know – the bit just past Greenwich Yacht Club, going into Charlton, just before you get to that aggregates dock, just around the corner, when he came across some very odd, ‘huge, thick, slightly yellowy’ icicles on the bushes.

As you’ll see from the first pic, it’s only these bushes that are affected. “It was freezing cold, but not wet,” Matt says, “so all neighbouring bushes and trees were completely ice-free. Whereas these ones are not only covered in icicles, but really thick, blobby, bulbous, slightly alien-looking icicles.”

Matt – and I – would like to know what caused this phenomenon. “Also,” he adds, “if they’re not made of frozen rainwater, which would be the implication, then what are they made of? And should we be scared?”

I guess the yellow coud be all the salts and the sand that has been coming in on various ships for donkey’s years, and perhaps the wind has chilled that particular stretch more than others but in truth I don’t know. So, all you geologers out there, what gives?

In the meanwhile, you know what they say about yellow snow…

PS Word to the wise – in warmer times of the year, this little stretch of path can be quite slidey under the tyres because of all the loose sand. At the moment, I suspect said sand is actually helping….

Greenwich In The Snow

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Folks, I just have to share this with you, made this morning by our very own Scared of Chives, I suspect in part because I was moaning about not having enough pictures even though I clearly wasn’t going to get my own self cold doing it… (griping will get you everywhere…)

Look out especially for the reference to Lauren’s Bench – a tribute to a little Australian none of us knew, but whom many or us Greenwichians have taken to our hearts – and now always think of when we walk (or today slide) down Lover’s Walk.

The Sexy Snow Goddess of Greenwich Park

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Remember about three years ago when we got a dusting of snow and everyone went berserk photographing everything that had a dandruff of snow on it? A lovely Christmas card (one, count it…) was produced by Warwich Leadlay and I received about six of them from festive locals.

Then we got The Big Snowfall back in 2009 and we went mental trying to get every gorgeous shot of loveliness ever, thinking it was probably a one-off freak. Suddenly Greenwich market was full of fabulous snowy Christmas cards produced by anyone with a camera.

Then it snowed again. A bit greyer and a bit icier, but people still took pictures, and if you nip down to the market this weekend you’ll find plenty of choice.

Now it’s happened again and everyone just grumbles (legitimately, of course) about Southeastern.

I agree with them, naturally. Even if they can’t get a train or two going, they could at least try to get their story straight. I was nipping up between East Greenwich Library and the Standard yesterday, via the station, and met an old lady  who had been standing on the platform for an hour waiting for a train to Woolwich. I explained that I thought they had been suspended but she pointed at the boards which merely said ‘severe delays.’ She had (not unreasonably) assumed that that meant that if she stood in the freezing cold long enough a train would eventually come along. 

In the end I showed her where to find a bus but she still had the hill up to the station, icy and glasslike – Southeastern’s gritting  responsibility – to negotiate. Of course there was no one around to help her, give advice or even pop a bit of grit on the sloping ice rink that went down to Combedale Road. 

Oops – I’ve fallen into the trap myself – but it’s so easy to take a pop at Southeastern – they fail on so many levels. 

But I apologise. This picture’s what today’s post is about. This is the only picture anyone’s sent me of the snow this time (so far) – but it’s just fabulous. Dewi sent it to me – she and her girls saw it yesterday in Greenwich Park and she was wondering who created it and if there are any more. 

I’ve read Jack Gale’s eye-popping book about Holda, the snow goddess of Greenwich Park, but until now I’d thought it was all a bit unlikely. But this sexy figure makes me wonder. Isn’t she gorgeous? I wonder who created her. But then perhaps no one did and she’s just a force of Nature…

White Winter Greenwich Hymnal

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

I’ve been itching to share this this wonderful, wintry compilation made by what is probably our youngest regular Phantomite, fifteen year-old Seamus, but I’ve been holding out for the magic of Christmas Eve. It follows on from his other fabulous compilation back in November.

Seamus is hoping that anyone who contributed snow pics to the blog earlier this year won’t mind that he’s included one or two of them here – I for one, think it’s brilliant and watched it about 6 times just the morning he sent it to me – I have a sneaking suspicion you’ll do the same – once just isn’t enough.

I’ve been told that some people can’t see the image. I’ve dickered with it, and it should work now, but if you’re having trouble find it on YouTube here.

The soundtrack, by the way, is the enchanting White Winter Hymnal by the Fleet Foxes, which has been my number one winter listen this year. In fact I love it so much, I’ve also included the original stop-motion video by Sean Pecknold, that’s also just pure magic…

White Winter Hymnal from Grandchildren on Vimeo.

Merry Christmas Eve, Phantom friends…

Mind How You Go

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Blimey. I’ve just got back from a slip-slidin’ trip across the park, where the snow is melting but there’s still just about enough for a few brave souls with tea trays to try tobogganing down the slopes.

The paths down the bottom aren’t too bad but up at the top it’s all compacted ice and really slippery. I didn’t go a pearler but it was only because I walked flat-footed and very slowly, whilst being cackled-at by a whole tree-full of ring-necked parrots. They’ll be laughing the other side of their beaks next month when anyone will be allowed to shoot them (though the question will be, of course, with what? Spud guns? Pea-shooters? As far as I know real guns are still illegal, even in South East London…)

A load of the pavements, too, are really icy – some on main roads.

I notice it’s all turned to rain now – particularly yucky – but tonight they’re promising sub-zero temperatures again tonight – so I’m guessing we’ll have a lovely black-ice alert tomorrow.

Take care, guys…

Can’t Resist…

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

…a few more lovely pics. When I finally work out how to retrieve pics off Picassa/Flickr we’ll have another fest…

In the meanwhile, a couple more from Rod – one where Greenwich suddenly looks like some Alpine village (with micro-mountains, natch)

and another that shows just how bloomin’ deep the snow managed to get on those branches:

I didn’t include any of Stevie’s pics yesterday – space and time just got in the way – so I’m rectifying it now. All of Blackheath, all lovely. He calls this one ‘Spires & Tyres…”

…and the long Paragon Plod:
But my personal favourite is this one. Don’t you just love the pastel shades with the white of the snow?

Bet there are going to be a few home-made Christmas cards next year.
Take care in all that slippery stuff, folks…

Pun-Free Snow Pictures Headline

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

What can I say that hasn’t already been said about the weather? Heaviest snow for 18 years, bin lids for toboggans, no rail information ‘due to weather,’ yadda, yadda.

Every website going has dozens of pictures, and terrible snow-puns. Me? I’ll just go for the first. Thank you so much, everyone who’s sent in pics. I haven’t included here any sent on Flickr as I am a Phantom of such little brain I can’t work out how to get them off the Flickr pages – soz…

I may well do aother batch later – hell – everyone likes pics of snow, don’t they…

Rod was responsible for the fine photo of Yours Truly above. He also sent me the fab aerial shot and the gates as most of us have never seen them before.

But ultimately on days like this, everyone just heads for the park. And this ghostly pic of the Observatory is just a little deceptive. The place was crawling with people – Rod must have got up pretty early to get this.

It was as crowded as it gets on a sunny day in August, as Emma’s pics show:

I just adore this snowman and his dog – how many hours did that take..?