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Crime Figures

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

Here’s an interesting little chart showing official crime figures in the borough. Either, generally, people have stopped reporting or figures really have gone down – which is a plus.

Over the months we’ve talked about drink-related crime (most of which seems to happen in St Alfege Passage) but although there’s no figures that show which offences are alcohol-fuelled, in general ‘violence against the person’ is actually down a little from last year, as are nearly nearly all other kinds of offence. Burglaries, especially, of all kinds seem to be fewer (though still plenty enough to be getting on with.)

Having said that, there was one more homicide than last year, ‘gun enabled’ crime is up and sexual assaults other than rape have gone up considerably (I wonder if some reclassification’s gone on there so they can say rape is down? God, I’m cynical. Soz…)

There’s a place on the map where you can click to get individual ward figures. They’re a bit random-feeling as they’re done slightly differently as number of crimes per 1000 of population, so it’s hard to work out exactly how much actually went on.