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Dem Dry Bones

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Vicky asks:

Any idea why there might be so many burnt animal bones on the Greenwich foreshore – on the beach by the river in front of the Greenwich University / Trinity buildings?

There are literally thousands of them … and some of them are quite big – we suspect that some of them are sheep bones, but we are not sure of the rest. Or how they might have got there.

The Phantom replies:

The river fetches up some weird stuff on Greenwich Beach, not least because we’re on a bend that catches all kinds of detritus in the tides. Sometimes it’s china sherds, sometimes bits of ancient London.

Occasionally it’s treasure (of the archeaological variety, very rarely actual gold and silver)  though not very often on the surface – you need to dig for that and you need a license, though try telling those scary gangs excavating on an almost industrial level (or so I’m told)  up and down the river, not that I’ve ever seen any at Greenwich.

Thinking about it, there’s something quite Dickensian about gangs of mudlarks operating on the Thames by dead of night, searching for London’s buried treasures. I hope they have suitably ghoulish names. Suggestions here,chaps…

Still, beachcoming is usually quite fun and can turn up nice stuff. Mind you, the best thing I’ve ever found was a slightly gruesome Victorian syringe. Yerk.

There are nearly always bits of clay pipe. There are so many of them I’ve even seen weird jewellery made from pipe sherds on the market.

And at the moment it’s bones.

I’d say these are almost certainly nothing to do with any kind of strange libations from weird cults on the foreshore, but have been brought downriver over the hours – perhaps days, weeks or even years.

Bones, especially burnt ones, are very light, so presumably they wash together and congregate when the tide goes out, but where they come from is harder to say. An abbatoir further up river? Though one that tips out directly into the Thames is an unpalatable thought.

Any ideas, folks?


Wednesday, June 25th, 2008
While I was down checking out the Wheel last night, I ran into yet another film shoot. Fox seemed to have taken over the whole of the ORNC, which appeared to be standing in for Whitehall. Two miserable looking ‘sentries’ in bearskins stood as sundry meeja types buzzed around what I assume were the stars. I’m guessing they’re the girls in the mac and suit.
Being the sad Phantom I am, I had no idea who these people were, so I asked a security guard (always ask the security guards – they love to talk…) what the show was. It’s apparently Bones, A Sky 1 series…

Well, there you go. As you can see from the photos, a somewhat smaller affair than Wolfman, but since they’re all over the ORNC I’d guess there are lots of scenes being shot at once.