Greenwich is one of the coolest “uncool” places there is in London. It’s not profoundly unfashionable – rather somewhere where it doesn’t occur to people that there is anything more than a few museums, a nice park and the Cutty Sark. The really adventurous might know about the Trafalgar Tavern or venture out to Greenwich market on a Sunday afternoon, but essentially, Greenwich is still relatively undiscovered for one of the great regions of London. I adore Greenwich – but I’m not blind to its faults either. In this journal I take an affectionate but honest – at times brutally so – look, giving my own personal low-down on the things to do – and one or two of the things NOT to do in Greenwich. I am being unashamedly parochial here. I will talk about the tourist sites, of course – how could I not when we have a World Heritage Site on our doorstep – but also about the things which make our town great – the little things. Interesting vistas, cool shops, bizarre novelties and quirky one-offs which make this place buzz. Greetings, by the way, to all of you who have travelled with me from Livejournal and Blogger – and thank you for making the journey.