The Phantom Returns…not with a bang but with a whisper

Something I've missed - Greenwich's fine tradition of water features

Folks, I realise it’s been a long, long time since I posted properly. Life has taken its toll, and continues to do so, but I have missed you all, and missed posting about my beloved Greenwich.

It’s odd to think that when I started, back in 2006, I was posting seven days a week – what on earth possessed me? Some kind of demon, I suppose. I managed five days a week for a good six years, but after issues that I won’t go into – this blog isn’t about me, it’s about Greenwich – it dwindled down until I had to stop altogether.

In the meanwhile, some great blogs, newsletters and even video stations have sprung up, and some fine publications – Greenwich Visitor, especially, is a publication after my own heart. But kind people have been telling me to start again and, at the risk of crowding the market, I’m going to attempt a little part-time phantasmagorical haunting.

It’s never going to be five days a week again – my circumstances have changed completely – but I’m figuring once a week is better than none, so let’s start with that. I won’t be updating the Parish News just yet, but do keep me in touch with what’s going on – I’m horribly out of the loop.

I’ve been collecting interesting snippets; I think we can do this. Expect the first post tomorrow…

Oh – and happy new year, all!

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Something I've missed - Greenwich's fine tradition of water features
Greenwich’s finest water feature

17 Comments to “The Phantom Returns…not with a bang but with a whisper”

  1. rp says:

    welcome back

  2. Dazza says:

    Good to have you back. Looking forward to hearing more about Greenwich from your unique perspective!

  3. EssKay says:

    Welcome back Phantom – you’ve been sorely missed.

    Lots going on in / around Greenwich but as you’ve noticed, Greenwich Council’s penchant for crap and inappropriate street furniture continues unabated.

    Those fences have been knocking around the square in various configurations since before the tall ships festival.

    One can only assume it’s too much effort for them to be put away in a shed somewhere until they’re really needed..

  4. Pat says:

    So lovely to have your ghostly presence back, even if only once a week.
    I shall look forward to reading your entertaining posts.

  5. Chris says:

    Welcome back. Whatever has happened, just take it easy.

    As for your photo, it just makes Greenwich look amateurish.

  6. DeeBee says:

    Welcome back Phantom!

  7. Neil Rhind says:

    Phantom! Welcome back. You have been sorely missed. But, at least so far as we can tell, you didn’t go off air to be delivered with twins, as did the Bugle.

    Many points I would have raised in your pages but they all seem a bit out of date now. For example, my seemingly lone enthusiasm for the IKEA development on the Peninsular. J Sainsbury at every turn and on every bus route but have you ever driven to the Purley Way, Thurrock or even Peterborough to find the Swedish furniture men? Not much fun…..

  8. Doris says:

    Whisper away! It’s great to have you back. Thanks!

  9. Michael says:

    Despite all the new newsletters & blogs, yours is greatly admired and dearly followed by many so I’m sure I’m not the only one to be pleased to have you back!

  10. Bugs says:

    Woo hoo! Great to have you back.

  11. Andrew says:

    Good to see you back Phantom. A weekly reporting in sounds good. The steps by the Cutty Sark and water “feature” are one big trip hazard. So many wonderful things that could be done – why did they choose that!!??

  12. Pedro says:

    Your photo has a comment about Greenwich water features. Which reminds me of the water feature in General Gordon Square. I can not think of a week that passes and there is some kind of maintenance van parked in the square with the ground hatch open and workmen fixing the thing. It seems to be perpetually in need of repair which makes you wonder how much this is costing. It might of been better had a less glamorous but useful children’s play area been returned.

  13. Dan says:

    Just checked back today and fantastic to see these updates – looking forward to reading your posts throughout 2015!

  14. Julian Watson says:

    What great news to greet me from a trip abroad. I’m so very pleased that you are able to post again. Wonderful.

  15. scared of chives says:

    Great news – missed you.

  16. luigy says:

    How wonderful to find you again. You were much missed. Greenwich needs you.

  17. Cyrilthebad says:

    So pleased the haunting can continue even with reduced sightings – welcome back.