Latest Greenwich Filming…

In case you’re wondering what all the support vehicles and shut-offery is, the latest bit of filming is, according to David, a new movie called ‘Grimsby’ with, according to IMDB a pretty impressive cast list.

3 Comments to “Latest Greenwich Filming…”

  1. Kate says:

    On Sunday, I saw on the directors chairs etc it said ‘The Curse of Hendon’ which is actually a Sascha Baron Cohen comedy film….

  2. Louise says:

    Wandering through the ORNC on Sunday, we went to have a nose and ended up walking alongside a guy who was dressed like he’d come out of the 90s, accompanied by his security detail. Once home and sufficiently googled, we realised we’d seen the body doubles for Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Strong.

    This Daily Mail link has several pics, though Greenwich is not really identifiable in any.

  3. RogerW says:

    I saw the Queen there, today :)