Keeping Rosy

This slightly blurry photo of Maxine Peake and Chriisse Bottomley doesn’t immediately bellow ‘Greenwich’. It was taken outside a pop-up cinema in Manchester for starters. But Keeping Rosy has Greenwich connections a-go-go. Its writer, Mike Oughton, lives in Royal Hill and it will be released just down the hill at the Picturehouse on Thursday. It was filmed in the Isle of Dogs, some of it looking out over Greenwich so it’s worthy of Phantom approval.

Mike’s very excited about it – it’s his first film – and I’ll be going to see it at some point (not Thursday, sadly, Mike…) If you’d like to know more about it here’s the official website….

I know, I know, this should be in Parish News (which I AM slowly updating) but hey – my blog, my rules…

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keeping Rosy
keeping Rosy

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