Bugsby’s Here to Stay

Graham has just forwarded me this news from the Port of London authority, which, if you recall, was considering changing Bugsby’s Reach to Waterman’s Reach in commemoration of the 500th Anniversary of the 1514 Act of Parliament regulating watermen, wherrymen and bargemen.

There were a total of 47 responses to the consultation, breaking down as follows:

· 10 in favour
· 34 against
· 3 neutral

Those for the change cited the proposal as: ‘fitting commemoration of the river’s past, present and future working life.’

Those against the proposal felt that: ‘historic names should be left alone’; ‘Bugsby’s Reach is a local name reflected landward in Bugsby’s Way’; and ‘The lack of information about Bugsby’s background should not be a reason to remove his name.’

The PLA say:

Having considered the balance and nature of consultation responses, we have decided not to proceed with the proposal to rename Bugsby’s Reach.

Actually, I personally think that the Watermen should be commemorated – and I’d have been quite happy to see Greenwich Reach renamed – after all, it’s not like we’d forget our own name.

2 Comments to “Bugsby’s Here to Stay”

  1. Jack Cross says:

    Very good news about Bugsby’s – this isn’t some banana republic where these sort of names change every 5 minutes.
    I’d also be happy to see the Watermen commemorated somewhere, but definitely not by re-naming Greenwich Reach.
    Apart from anything else, it’s immortalised in The Waste Land -

    The barges wash
    Drifting logs
    Down Greenwich reach
    Past the Isle of Dogs

  2. JOF says:

    I recall the Phantom raised the proposed name change some months back, so I offer a doff of my cap towards your own tricorn that the PLA has opted to retain this small piece of local history. (And it saved me having to scribble on a number of maps.)