A Quiet Corner

I know I bang on about gardens a lot, but let’s face it, if you can’t bang on about gardens in the sunshine in June when can you?

This lovely little corner has been created from a nasty mess left by the removal of a telephone box – if you remember The Call Box of Shame. Presumably so few people used it BT just got rid of it.

It’s still a bit of an eyesore – that paint on the wall’s a bit nasty:

but the guerilla gardener(s) of Dinsdale Road/Vanbrugh Hill have done their darnedest and it’s charming.

Thank you, whoever you are.

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Dinsdale Garden 4
Dinsdale Garden 4

Dinsdale Gardens
Dinsdale Gardens

Dinsdale Garden 3
Dinsdale Garden 3

6 Comments to “A Quiet Corner”

  1. methers says:

    Hurrah for Dinsdale!

  2. Old China says:

    I didn’t know fox gloves weren’t supposed to stand up straight. I’ll stop trying to prop mine up!

  3. Mary says:

    I did a couple of times meet the lady who does it – and I did try to get the Council to recognise the effort she put in. As far as I know she does it all on her own – and its a much bigger job than it looks

  4. Helena says:

    Thanks. Mary if she needs a hand, please let me know, i’m sure I can rope in some of the Maze Hill Gardeners to help out, our patch is getting to the maintenance stage for the time being! Helena

  5. Alexharteco says:

    This is so pretty. Amazing what some people do without any direct reward apart from personal satisfaction. Found this site via Twitter, keep up the good work!

  6. scared of chives says:

    Believe it’s a Chinese(?) lady who lives next door – or at least very nearby.