The Sail Loft

Never heard of this pub? That’s because it’s not built yet. Phantom Brewer Rod tells me that it will be in New Capital Quay, operated by Fullers and opening early 2015 with the usual riverside terraces and views.

Let’s hope it has a more illustrious future than the doomed restaurant in Wood Wharf, opened to a (very) small fanfare, almost immediately turned into a noisy nightclub and now full of what looks like abandoned gym equipment; or the INC-owned shell in the new development between the power station and the Cutty Sark pub, which never opened at all and was full of abandoned chairs last I looked.

Fullers, I am told (as a non-beer drinker – sorry, Rod) is a decent brew, and there will certainly be enough residents up that end soon. It might even chivvy up the footbridge and force the opening-up of the currently-non-existant Thames Path – one of the (many) presumed reasons for the brief life of the Wood Wharf establishment.

Personally I’d like to see the refurbishment of the currently-closed Thames Pub

which although not with those riverside views that are making Fullers build new, would make a marvellous Greenwich answer to the Dog & Bell.

The other place that really needs (or will need, since we are to lose the businesses and get yet more housing up there anyway) is the Peninsula. My favourite venue for this is still Enderby House – an historic house for Greenwich, but in terrible shape

It fits the riverside setting publicans crave, would be a use for a building nobody wants to lose but can’t think of anything to do with and would add something other than relentless steel and glass towerblocks.

Personally I’d keep the businesses – it’s the last little hurrah of London’s industrial past and I love the urban wildness of that bit of Thames path pretty much more than any other part of it, but if we have to have the glass and steel, a rejuvenated Enderby House wouldn’t be too much to ask would it?

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13 Comments to “The Sail Loft”

  1. MikeM says:

    Agree with you about Enderby House… it would make a great riverside venue… I do wonder about how accessible it would be though.

    Walked past it the other day… it really is in a terrible state. It looks like it’s just been left to rot, so that developers will get an easy ride when they submit a plan to demolish it.

    Such a terrible shame, particularly when you think of how much of an impact this area had on global communication… it’s barely mentioned anywhere.

  2. Jon says:

    I quite like the quote from the Fullers press release which says “…anyone travelling by boat from Greenwich to Kew will pass six Fuller’s riverside pubs – The Sail Loft, The Banker, The Tideway, The Dove, The Bell & Crown and One over the Ait.” Sounds like that could be an afternoon well spent.

    Not sure who owns the Thames pub but it’s a nice piece of nearly-riverside real estate and I hope someone has the sense to smarten it up and re-open for the new residents of NCQ.

  3. Of course anyone wanting to travel by boat will either have to change for public boats (what a shame they don’t link up properly), drink-drive their own private boat or be wealthy enough to have their own skipper. Anyone with the last, requiring company should apply within…

  4. EssKay says:

    Oh look – the Sail Loft already has a review:

    Someone’s keen, probably Fuller’s marketing department…

  5. Mary says:

    I agree about Enderby House – but I am told that it is too small and that various pub companies have looked at it and rejected it for that reason. We (that is me and a small historical group, not the Council) have been pushing for some sort of display there about the very major input the area made to global telecommunications over 160 years. I have also tried – a probably failed – to keep up the pressure on the state of the place. Fingers crossed it survives and is renovated successfully and tactfully. It is of course listed. The historical group would very much welcome input and support – on the whole riverside not just Enderbys.

  6. Sophie says:

    Is it just me (and my other half) or is the Anchor & Hope in Charlton a deeply weird place that could and should be really lovely, but is anything but?

  7. Max says:

    Ha, you’re right EssKay, and they only gave it four stars. Perhaps the only thing stopping it getting that elusive fifth star is the fact is doesn’t actually exist…at the moment.

    I guess it will have an effect on the Old Loyal Britons which, despite having fantastic beer, unfortunately tends only to be occupied by drunk locals and barking dogs.

  8. Meirion says:

    According to this posting last month building of Greenwich Cruise Ship Terminal will start end of this year opening summer 2016. In original plans Enderby House was to have displays about Greenwich’s amazing part in creating a linked-up world as part of cafe/restaurant complex.

  9. Paddy says:

    The Old Loyal Britons is one if the strangest (not in a good way) pubs I’ve been to in years. The newly done up Crown on Trafalgar Road is good – decent selection of beers and a nice refurb..

  10. Scarlet Manuka says:

    So how is it that people regularly comment on the chain establishments ruining Greenwich and the need for more independent places, that when one comes along then it too is criticised?

    The Old Loyal Britons has taken over a building set to be turned into more boring flats and tried to establish a business that focuses on supporting local breweries to provide decent beer at a good price. The landlord and landlady are always friendly and welcoming and are trying to make a good go of it. I’m sure the place probably does attract some quirky types and I’m sorry to hear people have had bad experiences, but they’re making a real effort to establish a good alternative venue in Greenwich (they can’t all be as polished and pricey as The Union) and I’d have thought that deserves a bit of support?

  11. Eleanor Rigby says:

    Has anyone else been to the refurbished Crown on Trafalgar Rd? Heard the foods good too.

  12. David says:

    Yep, been to The Crown; can recommend. Nicely done out, decent grub, good beers, most importantly. But pricey.

  13. Scott says:

    I’m loving the Crown at the moment. Decent choice of beers and great music at a nice volume so you can talk to other people unlike the Pelton these days.

    The Crown is currently building a new kitchen as well so that they can improve the menu.