Students and Civvies

When I was at college there were two distinct sorts of town. There were the students – and there were the regular people who lived in the town. We virtually never met. We lived side by side and I although don’t recall falling out with anyone (though there was a rather good day when I went round to my next door neighbour to warn them I was going to hold a party only to have her pre-empt me with an apology about the amount of noise they were making themselves) we didn’t interact.

Greenwich is a bit like that. We have a massive student population – the univeristy, several colleges, Trinity/Laban and various business-y type colleges that I can’t keep track of – but we seem to have very little connection with each other. It’s not that we actively avoid each other, we just don’t have much reason to connect.

This seems to be a shame. And Alex, who is president of the university Student Union, agrees. He says “I love Greenwich and students love greenwich. I’m keen to work on more community cohesion.”

I don’t really know what we can do together but it could be fun to start thinking about it. Alex is keen to encourage people to contact him if they have issues they wish to discuss or any questions (his email is but maybe we should start a discussion about this.

Any suggestions for groovy stuff we can do without either side looking like it’s doing an ‘outreach project’? Whatever it is, it needs to be through a genuine wish to get to know each other.

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  1. Darryl says:

    The Greenwich Series, which is run by a Greenwich University student, is well worth a visit (usually first Monday of the month, though next one is on 12 May).