Short Lets

By rights, this should be in the Parish News, but since it’s a bit on the urgent side, just this once I’m putting it here:

Capability Bowes’s freeholders are having to move him out temporarily while they do some major repair works, meaning he has to move out for around six weeks.

The relocation agents keep suggesting properties well above the price range the loss adjusters have agreed to, and also unfurnished ones when his furniture collection is minimal…

Does anyone have place to let? All rent and expenses will be met by the Freeholders’ insurance and although he’s only going to be away for six weeks or so, up to six months rent will be covered. It has to be furnished, it has to be relatively local to Eltham/Greenwich and it has to be soon!

Two bedrooms would be nice, but one sufficient.


3 Comments to “Short Lets”

  1. Roger patenall says:

    We have a possibility on Westcombe Hill. Plse email in the first inst.
    Your system does not accept my first choice email address. Pleas use

  2. Alison says:

    How soon does he need a place?

  3. capabilitybowes says:

    Like, yesterday! Actually, its not really THAT urgent, but soon. We are living in semi-darkness because there is water coming through a light fitting in the bathroom which has blown the ring main twice now. and its depressing watching the black mould spread across the walls….