Postboxes of Greenwich (2)

Just to get the ball well and truly on the road, two Greenwich postboxes in one week. Whoaaa! Steady there, Phantom…

The second in our ‘collect ‘em all’ quest for historic (and otherwise) postboxes is on the wall at MacCartney House in Crooms Hill and would have been Gen. Wolfe’s PO Box of choice for letters to his lovely Lizzie – had the Post Office actually existed when he was around. Stephen remembered it instantly when we started the series on Monday, and it means we now have at least one VR example – though given the responses, there are more to come.

Hold onto your hats, chaps.

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postbox stephen mccartney house
postbox stephen mccartney house

2 Comments to “Postboxes of Greenwich (2)”

  1. runner500 says:

    Not quite Greenwich, but there is a listed 1860 pillar box at the Royal Military Academy in Woolwich

  2. Nicholas says:

    Victorian one in Tranquil Vale (with interesting commentary – can’t believe I said that) at,_postbox_%E2%84%96_SE3_6,