Free Eucalyptus

This would normally go in Parish News but since I don’t have time just to do that at the moment and time is of the essence, does anyone want a free Eucalyptus? John’s going to have some work done and has to get rid of it.

It’s 15ft high, very healthy and in a pot.

My only warning is: keep it in that pot – they grow to ENORMOUS heights if you’re not careful.

Email me and I’ll pass you on to John if you’re interested.

Generally, if you have stuff to give away, it’s probably best to use Freecycle.

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2 Comments to “Free Eucalyptus”

  1. Bugs says:

    Be careful what you wish for. Eucalyptus grow fast, shed their leaves all year round and suck up moisture from the surrounding ground. We had one in our garden, planted by a previous owner. Strangely, I hardly ever saw a bird in it. If you want a tree, do your research.

  2. CapabilityBowes says:

    Hey, a gardener never turns down the chance of a free plant. If its not gone, I will gladly give it a home. Might have to cut it back somewhat though!