Box Ticking

Okay – first in a new occasional series today, folks. Hold onto your seats – this will really blow your socks…

Yes, it’s Postboxes of Greenwich. Nothing too small or insignificant for the Phantom. Seriously, though, sometimes the least-significant things turn out to have a fascinating side to them, as when we started spotting phone boxes and now I can’t pass one without noticing which model it is…

So this is Frank’s picture of the one set into the wall in Park Vista. It’s Edwardian (ER – Edward Rex – on the front) and Frank’s wondering if we can find any older ones (VR – Victoria Regina). I seem to remember there’s one in Blackheath but I don’t know of any in Greenwich. Please prove me wrong – or – and I can’t decide if this makes me curious or just plain tragic – I’d like to see any other interesting letterboxes of Greenwich. Let’s see if we can collect the full set. It’s unlikely, of course, given the sheer variety but trying will provide a wealth of moderate fun…

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Franks post box
Franks post box

9 Comments to “Box Ticking”

  1. Stephen says:

    According to this site there are fifty.

    You can do a tour on Google street view. I’ve been up and down Hyde Vale six times but can’t find the box.

  2. tintinhaddock says:

    Stephen, it’s in the wall of the convent.

  3. Stephen says:

    Thanks Tina, found it. Is difficult to make out the writing but looks as if it may be a George V one.

  4. Crawfie says:

    Here is nice one from Sheffield adjacent a sewer gas destructor lamp.

    In one hole, out the other.

  5. Acme 120 says:

    There’s a Victorian one (VR) in the wall at the heath end of St John’s Park, just by Angerstein Lane. Rather tucked away, but not forgotten by the post men and women. It’s my favourite.

  6. Andrea says:

    I know it’s just outside your catchment area but there’s one in the wall at St Johns Station. There’s a Penfold post box at the junction of Cavendish Avenue and Wellington Place in St Johns Wood which might be of interest.

  7. Neil Rhind says:

    East end of St John’s Park an ancient VR box on the wall; one in Dartmouth Row, ditto; and a VR pillar box on the corner of Morden Road and Blackheath Park (which has been missing its enamel information plate for more years than I can recall). I have asked the postmen but nothing gets done. Don’t the mail collectors notice such things? Oh, yes, another VR wall box in Kidbrooke Grove. One or two ER (Edward VII) around and about and the George V boxes simply say GR.

  8. Stephen says:

    And of course the VR box on the wall of Macartney House.

  9. O Weatherdon says:

    Try this site
    The Letter Box Study Group