Renaming Bugsbys Reach

We talked about this a few months ago – the plan to rename the part of the Thames currently known as Bugsby’s Reach to Waterman’s Reach. It’s in honour of the 500th anniversary of a statute regulating water traffic on the river.

In truth I have no real objection to the idea. But why choose Bugsby’s Reach? It’s quirky, local and historic (it’s believed Mr B was a local market gardener, but I love the mystery – I like to think he was a smuggler in his spare time…). The PLA could have had, certainly with Phantom blessing, the stretch of water next door, Greenwich Reach. I’m relaxed about the name ‘Greenwich Reach’ – we know where we are – it’s geographic, nothing more. Bugsby’s is personal. Let’s keep it that way.

You can read the consultation here

If you agree with me that renaming Bugsby’s Reach is a cheap target, write to and tell him that he’s welcome to Greenwich Reach but hands off Mr B…

2 Comments to “Renaming Bugsbys Reach”

  1. jack cross says:

    Greenwich Reach can’t possibly be renamed – it’s mentioned in the Waste Land – one of Greenwich’s minor claims to fame perhaps but watermen have far stronger connections to the City anyway.

  2. Jon says:

    I have to say I can’t get too excited about this one. It’s not like the renaming is in honour of some spurious dignatory or local bigwig who also just happens to have donated to the council coffers. The Watermen are one of those authentic liveries upholding some of London’s greatest traditions and their 500th anniversary seems worthy of celebration to me. It’s an intersting question of balance though, between preserving Greenwich’s history without it becoming a museum town. Personally, I can give or take Bugsby and of course he’s now got a Way as well as a Reach to commemorate him. (Also, it always just makes me think of Bugsy, as if Warner Brothers have somehow had naming rights over the entire retail park…)