Faded Greenwich (23)

Photo: David Whittaker

Phantom Anorak David’s eagle eye has wandered away from the fab Bakers signs across the High Road to the other side where a mysterious ‘GR’ is left.

Now, if it were down to me my first thought would be something King George-related, like the post boxes that have ‘GR’ on them. But David is more thorough than that. He tells me that Greenwich Wireworks were using the building in the 1920s, according to an old directory of his and reckons most of the lettering has gone when the bit of wall next to it was rebuilt.

Sounds highly plausible but maybe someone else has some suggestion of what GR means?

Photo: David Whittaker

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Photo: David Whittaker
Faded Greenwich David Whittaker 2 low

Photo: David Whittaker
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One Comment to “Faded Greenwich (23)”

  1. JOF says:

    Perhaps it was originally a local graffitist commenting on Run To The Beat – “GRRRR!”.