Create Your Own Secret Sundial

I know – this should really be in the Parish News section, but hey – my blog, my rules. Besides, I feel like a little bit of a midwife on this one as I helped play Cupid between the collaborators on this project…

Remember the fabulous Secret Sundial? Here it is again:

Well, after Cathy from Stereochron got in touch with me about said Secret Sundial, I put her together with the very splendid and generally-up-for-interesting-stuff Marek Kukula at the Royal Observatory, suggesting that they created a festival of sundials so people could learn to make their own and spread sunshine and time around Greenwich.

And they’re doing it! At Summer Solstice, no less!

Cathy is actually artisit in residence at Chisenhale Gallery in Victoria Park over in trendy Hackney which makes it all the cooler that ‘our’ happening is the grand culmination of the events for  her wider project. You can see all the events on the website, but this is the Greenwich one I’m puffing out my Phantom chest about…

Making Midsummer Solar Clocks
Saturday 21 June, 11am-4pm. The Royal Observatory, Greenwich Park, London SE10 8XJ
Sunday 22 June, 11am-4pm. The Hub Building, Victoria Park, London E9 5DU 

Immerse yourself in the vital link between sunlight and time by spending Midsummer learning how to make clocks from the shadows of ordinary objects. For Stereochron Island, Chisenhale Gallery and Victoria Park are collaborating with The Royal Observatory to run two day-long workshops over the Summer Solstice weekend led by Public Astronomer Marek Kukula. Both workshops explore how to tell time by the Sun, how the movements in the solar system affect shifts on Earth and how time in Greenwich Park is different from Victoria Park time.

These two day-long events are for ages 16 and up. They include moving about on uneven parkland. You may attend one or both days. 

I’ll be updating the regular Parish News this weekend, so listings in by then please…

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