Charlton Prefabs

Carol over at Charlton Parks Reminiscence Project has a problem. She says:

We know that at one time there were prefabs built in Charlton Park along Canberra Road. I am now chasing this up, spurred on by a previous resident who lived in the prefabs as a boy, who has asked if we have any photographs of these buildings.

During the project we couldn’t track any down, can you or your readers help please? We would also like to add a photo, if any can be found, to the website as this was a frequently recollection by many participating in the project.

I guess the issue is that there aren’t too many people who take pictures of prefabs. In retrospect, yes; at the time, when film was expensive and not many people had cameras anyway, less likely.

But maybe someone here has something?

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  1. runner500 says:

    There are similar issues with most prefab sites that were demolished in the 1960s, few residents had cameras and the pictures from those that did have been lost. There is a similar request out from a local historian about a large prefab site at Grove Park – I am happy to pass on details if anyone has photos of those.

  2. valley_girl says:

    If you have a look at English Heritage’s Britain from Above website you’ll find a wonderful set of aerial photos covering the Borough from the 1920′s and later. They are a real treasure trove (and very addictive). Among these are some images from 1947 showing the construction of what is now the Cherry Orchard Estate. In this one

    you can see the prefabs along the edge of the Park, as well as what looks like allotments behind.

    You’ll need to register on the website in order to zoom in to see the detail.


  3. Stephen says:

    Thanks Valley girl. Good to be reminded of the old wooden stand at the Rectory field. Cricket and tennis is being played in a couple of the photos as well. The seven large blocks of flats are still there but the small low buildings on the east side have gone have gone.

  4. Emily says:

    Hi Phantom & Carol,

    I’d perhaps contact the Prefab museum! They may have photos & stories. Here’s their facebook page: