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Richard has sent me the figures for parking revenue across the capital thanks to the HC Transport Committee’s evidence (sorry about the poor quality of the image, my fault entirely, but click on the image to get a slightly better view):

These figures are a bit odd because you have to take into account how much the various councils are spending on enformcement of their regulations – so while Croydon made £11.9 in car parking last year, they have a hell of a lot more traffic wardens than us – they spent £10.5m on making drivers cough up. Given how many wardens we seem to have Croydon must be swarming with chaps in blue anoraks sticking notices on windscreens

So – Greenwich made a £1.5m profit in its car parks. Now, call me controversial, but I am ambivolent towards this. I don’t like paying to park outside Phantom Towers and I don’t care for the prices charged in car parks, but I find myself thinking it’s my choice to drive and if they didn’t get £1.5m through charging people on choice-things, they might raise the cash through things where people poorer than me might have no choice.

What I’m less sure about is what they’re going to spend that £1.5m on. I’ve been a bit unimpressed with the Council’s choices recently, not least in the rumours I’m hearing about the theatre.

Anyway – just letting you know we appear to be doing pretty well on the parking revenue side. I suspect other Phantophiles may not be as forgiving as I am on raising cash this way  - what are your thoughts?

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2014 Parking revenue
2014 Parking revenue

6 Comments to “Parking Revenue”

  1. Joe says:

    I agree with you, Phantom. We need some way of making things tolerable and usable for everyone who uses the roads and streets, so there’s no way to avoid the use of parking wardens etc by the Council. There’s only a certain number of people who really need to drive everywhere- for very many, as you suggest, it’s a lifestyle choice. As cars/roads dominate this country already, there surely has to be some compromise.
    That said, what happens to any money raised is a good question – would be nice to think the Council would put it towards improving public transport or reducing air pollution, or looking at ways to reduce noise levels from busy roads, but it’ll probably just go towards some short-sighted new road scheme like the Silvertown Tunnel.

  2. Jah Wibble says:

    Right outside of where I live in Greenwich there wasn’t any restrictions.
    As soon as the cuts came in, all of sudden meters went up everywhere.
    I suppose the council had to make up the shortfall somehow, but where does the money go?

  3. Mary says:

    Phantom – I think there are quite strict government rules on what surplus money from parking can be spent on. My understanding is that the Council can’t do what it likes with it

  4. Megan says:

    Er – what rumours about the theatre? I don;t like the sound of that!

  5. If you scroll down the blog you should find all I know so far…

  6. Tina Mammoser says:

    While I don’t mind them raising money via parking, I do mind the way they just lie about reasons for changing parking restrictions. Shortly before the Olympics (surprise surprise) the area north of Maze Hill station was changed from 2 hours free visitor parking and resident permits to meters and permits. The reason given was to lessen congestion around the station – something that didn’t exist. We never had excess (if any) people parking here for the train, or any lack of available spaces for residents and visitors. Now my visitors can’t come for a cuppa without paying Greenwich.