Oh, the Misery.

I loved Kum Luang. I know it wasn’t everybody’s cup of cha-yen, but for me it was my ‘comfort cafe’ – the place I went to when I was a bit fed up. I was gutted when it closed – it came at a bad time in my life when I could have done with it and suddenly it was gone. We’d gone from having two Thai establishments to none.

But I lived in hope it would become another restaurant. Feared it might be a chain, but assumed it would actually be an eaterie.

But no. Jeremy seems to have been determined to ruin my day. My worst bloomin’ nightmare has replaced it.

Sorry folks. I usually try to do a cheery one for a Monday, but this morning my spectral heart has been broken just that little bit further.

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Foxtons where the Thai used to be
Foxtons where the Thai used to be

7 Comments to “Oh, the Misery.”

  1. Crawfie says:

    Indeed a blight..


    ..perhaps the same criteria could be applied to estate agents?

  2. Paul says:

    Grrr. I thought they needed change of use to a financial institution?

    Meanwhile, London housing bubble keeps inflating…

  3. In their defense says:

    Like you Phantom I love Thai and loved this place – it was the place that I celebrated at when I first moved to Greenwich about 15 years ago!

    But I do feel that I need to put a good word in for Foxtons a I know they get a bashing (from myself included)!

    I’ve been looking to buy another place and I put the dread aside and stepped into a Foxton branch the other week. I am amazed at how good they are. They bend over backwards to show you places and keep you in the loop – they fit in with your work schedule and you can even visit them on a Sunday.

    Unfortunately there are so many ‘traditional’ agents out there that seem to operate for their own benefit and don’t seem to know what customer service is despite taking a massive cut of the price.

    For that reason I am glad that Foxton’s
    have come into the area to give the other boys a kick up the bottom.

    I will still miss the Thai though…

  4. Conejo says:

    Speaking of the housing bubble, it is linked to the “Head Shop” next door?

  5. In their defense says:

    On a separate note…I walked past my other old Thai haunt one evening last week (now Ajiichiban)… it was HEAVING…people queuing out of the door!

    Gone are the days of a lonely looking salmon nigiri going round the conveyor for hours…

    I also note that the old Burger King site that opens/closes/opens/closes is back open offering ‘Mediterranean Cuisine’

  6. Jon says:

    It was, in my view, a pretty low grade restaurant and was never going to keep up with Greenwich’s evolution. Having Foxtons is no worse than having any other agent; they know which way property prices are going – the only surprising thing is that they’ve taken so long to arrive.

  7. Jah Wibble says:

    Used to love that place- great for hangovers.