Faded Greenwich (22)

Yup, folks, we’re back on that rather wonderful faded Greenwich in Greenwich South Street/Prince of Orange Lane. If you recall, we first discussed this back in 2009 then the front of the old shop last week.

Well, Dave has been getting in touch with his inner anorak again and doing a bit of digging. He tells me:

Further to the faded ‘BAKER’ at the front of the building, if you look hard enough (although I don’t think you can make it out on the photo), you can just about make out a ‘..K_ELL’. A bit of detective work shows that the place was occupied by an Edward Blacknell, baker, in 1852, and a Mrs. Sarah Blacknell, baker, in 1860 and 1870. The address in those days was 3 Orange Place.

I confess I can’t actually see the ‘…K_ELL’ so I’ll try to pop to South Street this weekend to have a look.

Dave’s even found us an advert from the ‘Invicta Official Directory of Greenwich, etc, for 1893-4′

Splendid sleuthery…

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Justice Bakery low
Justice Bakery low

Faded Greenwich Baker David 2
Faded Greenwich Baker David 2


3 Comments to “Faded Greenwich (22)”

  1. David says:

    Top drawer sleuthery indeed….

  2. benedict says:

    I miss that view from my old house. I often imagined myself sticking my head out of the little window and becoming a “living advert”

  3. Benedict – you ARE a living advert – for Toronto!