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Okay, so this is the world’s worst image. I was actually taking a picture of The Crown, which I’m excited about, but managed to capture its next door neighbour too, which I’m even more excited about just now.

Apple & Orange have been a proper greengrocer’s shop up at Blackheath Standard forever, and always have a good range of fruit and veg. They’ve now branched out into a shop at Trafalgar Road and I am utterly delighted.

Of course it was a greengrocer’s before, but it always felt a bit…tentative. I wasn’t really sure what they sold; whether they were actually into fruit & veg or pet supplies.

No doubting Apple & Orange. Lots of good quality fresh and seasonal produce (the pears are particularly lovely just now) chirpy service and prices not too dissimilar to others – certainly no worse than supermarkets. They also sell a few odd deli items, though not enough to scare La Salumeria next door but two.

I don’t know – a proper deli, a proper pub and a proper fruit & veg store – perhaps Traf Road is going up in the world after all. Shame we lost the fishmongers, but hey – at last we’re beginning to get stores that aren’t bookies, estate agents and hairdressers and that can only be a good thing. It’s now up to us to use them so they thrive and we get more of the same…

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Apple & Orange
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13 Comments to “Apple & Orange”

  1. Michael says:

    They have a Facebook page so you can all show your support…

  2. Paul C says:

    Great news, and thanks for pointing out Think many might assume the old “greengrocers” had just renamed themselves. Will def shop there now! It always amazed me there wasn’t a proper fruit & veg shop along Tragalar Road, and we all need to support it now there is.

  3. Sophie says:

    It’s a lovely shop and really good value too, way cheaper than the Co-op.

  4. Jacky says:

    And really good fresh herbs too !

  5. Kate says:

    Am I correct in hearing that the awful Cafe Sol restaurant on the corner is closing down next week? Wonder what will take over that position? Would LOVE it to be a nice quality independent restaurant. It’s a big premises though! If it absolutely has to be a chain i’d like a Bill’s or a Carluccios

  6. Crawfie says:

    They certainly know their onions

  7. Stephanie says:

    I have always found them to be loads cheaper than a supermarket and usually lovely food as well.

  8. Maeve OKane says:

    So many vacant units in the town centre now, it looks a right dogs dinner. We need a few more entrepreurs like this one to open something interesting but i suspect the high rents are frightening people off….apart from the likes of costa that is

  9. Mr H says:

    Maeve OKane- Your totally correct! Greenwich town centre looks a right mess at the moment (especially Greenwich Church Street).
    I feel for the traders that are still there as it must be very difficult when the shops around them are vacant.
    The extortionate rents, rates & parking charges would put everyone except the big chains off (oh and the Greenwich Hospital/management company are responsible too)!

    Side-topic – the Greenwich Time had a piece on the council asking for opinions on the ‘Pavement Tax’. I urge everyone to make their feeling known!

  10. Mr H says:

    Here’s the link

    You need to click on the right hand side of the page ‘take part in the consultation’

    It takes a few minutes, but I let my views known!

  11. Capability Bowes says:

    Why cannot you participate in the survey anonymously??

    I expect that GTC is looking a bit of a mess lately after the Greenwich Inc debacle. I imagine their account ledgers look a bit of a mess too!

  12. Chris says:

    Why should you be anonymous?

    Anonymity could allow loads of Dear Leader minions to take part to say how much they love the tax and that it should be increased.

    If you object to something you should be able to prove you live in the area affected.

  13. Daveh48 says:

    Been in there today – friendly service (Somebody who can actually say good morning), clean and tidy, great choice and above all excellent value for money.