Secret Sundial

Cathy from the A Storm Is Blowing blog is curious about this sadly-now-gone home made sundial in Vanbrugh Park.

It takes a moment to realise it’s there – someone has taken the time to work out where the numbers should be and painted them on the pavement. But who? Does anyone know who created this lovely, ephemeral moment in time?

It’s sadly not there any more, the paint has worn away, which somehow says something poignant…

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secret sundial
secret sundial

3 Comments to “Secret Sundial”

  1. jack cross says:

    sic transit gloria mundi

  2. Patrick says:

    It’s by a man called Linus Kraemer. He did as part of a uni project while studying Graphic design at Camberwell. This is his website

  3. YOu guys are amazing – I ask – and receive! Thanks Patrick!