Panto Quandary

By rights this should be in the Parish News section, though I confess I’ve not touched it for a long time – sorry folks – things have been very, very hectic recently.

But this one is really worth asking.

Do you know anyone who might be alone on Boxing Day who might like to go to Greenwich Panto with a family?

Basically a long-term phantophile told me today that his father-in-law has passed away suddenly. Along with all the other ghastly things that has to happen when a loved one dies, they have realised that they will be sitting in a theatre on Boxing Day that’s rammed to the gunnels with happy, excited people – with an ominous empty seat looming next to them.

Greenwich Theatre won’t refund the ticket, so the family would really like to take someone who might otherwise be alone that day (sorry I don’t know if it’s a matinee or evening perf…) If you know the warden of sheltered housing or something like that, please do ask them, and contact me – I will pass your email on.

4 Comments to “Panto Quandary”

  1. Kate says:

    What a lovely gesture.
    I hope the seat gets filled and some Christmas cheer can be shared despite the sad circumstances. My condolences to the family for their loss.

  2. Capability Bowes says:

    Sorry Phant, should have said: its for the 7.30pm performance.

    Greenwich Theatre refused point blank to refund the ticket despite me going down there with the ticket, my pa in law’s credit card and his death certificate. I’ve never been so upset by a spotty 15 year old.

  3. Barbara says:

    Greenwich Theatre needs to re-think its customer services! I would have thought they wanted all the local support they could get!

  4. Craig Oaks says:

    Greenwich Theatre need to be completely shut down instead of wasting tax payers money. What we need is the excellent Greenwich Playhouse with good customer care and a proper programme to be re-opened.