Lady Beware

Actually – not just ladies – everyone, folks. I was shocked to receive this very worrying story just now. The person this happened to has asked me not to reveal her name –  frankly she needs no more trauma in her life just now. I will leave her to tell you her story:

I am not really comfortable writing about this, but I realize how many locals read your blog and it might just keep some of them safe.

This happened last night when I was walking home; a very tall, athletic black guy on a bike stopped me and tried to grab me and push me off Creek Road to Horsferry Place (it’s much darker and was completely deserted at the time).

He first asked for money then he attempted to violently attack me. He veered off of his bike and attempted to pull me to the side of the road and verbally abused me and shouted to me that he would rape me.

Luckily for me a couple approached and this was enough to scare him away from the scene (or actually gave me enough time to run away).

This is unacceptable behaviour which I have since reported to the police however I want to make this dangerous man known to as many people in the area as possible.

I would very much appreciate you posting this on your well known blog to warn other female commuters travelling alone in this area.

Unacceptable behaviour? Hardly – this is CRIMINAL behaviour – and I am really glad she has been brave enough to report it to the police. I hope they can do something about it. It wouldn’t surprise me if they already know of this man.

I am disturbed by this and echo our anonymous friend’s sentiments – be on your guard folks – and keep an eye out for each other too. It’s easy this time of year to assume that aggressive behaviour is harmless horseplay by inebriated revellers – but there’s a very nasty undercurrent too and we need to watch each other’s backs. This happened around 11.15-11.30pm – the streets of Greenwich should not be a no-go area for people alone.

I hope our anonymous lady is surrounded by good, supportive friends – and wish her some peace over the coming festive period.

And folks – be on your guard.

4 Comments to “Lady Beware”

  1. Mr H says:

    Shocking? Yes! Surprised? No!

    I glad that she escaped relatively unharmed (i;m sure she’ll be emotionly shaken, but there is a real issue especially the Greenwich/Deptford border.

    The high density of of flats and buildings make it easier for this low life to hide/escape into a maze.

    The police seem to be out in numbers on the road in Greenwich Town centre, but seem more interested in traffic violations, and the Council wardens (I hate them with a passion) seem more interested in fining people for littering (I hate littering though) & having a go at the local small businesses than going around the troubled hotspots.

    Just this Thursday, a guy got his phone snatched while he was using it by the corner of Nelson Road (by Bullfrogs shoes) and the guy just ran off = midday!!!!

  2. Chris says:

    A Deptford local told me last week that there have been reports in the last couple of weeks of a black male harassing women.
    He seems to be ‘active’ in an area along Creek Road (west of the Ravensbourne) and down to the river. This would seem to be the same guy although I don’t recall my friend mentioning a bike.
    He needs to be caught.

  3. Meirion says:

    Attempted mugging tonight 17.00 in King George St, Greenwich 3 hooded young males demanded money from man with menaces. My daughter turned up and they scarpered. She’s not that scary they probably just suddenly realised there were people around.

  4. Graham has just sent me this:

    On Thursday 12 about 8.20pm I stopped my car on the bridge on Creek Road to help a very distressed lady who had run into traffic to escape a man who had chased her. She said he had crossed the road for no apparent reason, barged into her and chased her when she screamed and ran. She didn’t know him and he didn’t try to mug her.
    He turned and left when he realised she was with someone else.

    Two plain clothes police officers passed a few minutes later and took her. Very pleased to see their warrant cards.

    I don’t know if this is connected to the incident you posted. I didn’t see his face. Slight build black hoody and rucksack. But folks please take care along Creek road just now