IKEA Consultation Reminder

Quick reminder that IKEA are holding a consultation about its proposals to open a branch where the Sainsburys is on the peninsula.

It’s at the Forum tomorrow, Sat 9th November 2013

12.00pm- 7.00pm

If you’re thinking of going, here are some thoughts I (and others) had about it when I first heard of the project.

15 Comments to “IKEA Consultation Reminder”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Oh dear. Have just been to the consultation and the issue of traffic is massively glossed over. What a surprise!

    It’ll all be fine, apparently, in the morning peak because they don’t open until 10am so there will be no clash with the traffic going to Mega Sainsbury and M&S combo.

    No information about traffic volumes for the other 21 hours a day, or indeed the weekend.

    Lots of facts about the super public transport links, naturally!!!

  2. Capability Bowes says:

    Oh yes the super public transport links! So handy for taking large pieces of furniture home on the bus!

  3. Resident says:

    Capability – If your buying large pieces of furniture then you would be much more likely to use their home delivery service

  4. Oli says:

    The traffic will be chaotic. Imagine days when the o2 are holding events and Charlton are playing at home. Im not happy. There is nothing wrong with the current Sainsburys which is still relatively new anyway, why the need for a new one?! The traffic here is bad enough without the surplus day trippers to Ikea every weekend. 5 years ago I moved to Greenwich as it was a quieter part of London that had some character. Now, everywhere I look there’s a Crane and a new tower block going up. Not even the Pilot Pub has survived. Whatever they are doing to it they are Ruining it, I t looks awful from the top of the 129 bus i ride past on most mornings. :(

  5. Capability Bowes says:

    @ Resident

    Yes, at a minimum cost of £19. And if you live outside the delivery area then its another £35. But the bus is £1.20 with your Oystercard. Best hope that you are not taking your Billy CD rack home at rush hour.

  6. Resident says:

    Capability – its a weak argument to use delivery charges against the creation of the store, it’s a simple fact that large items will be delivered

  7. Hugh o'Byrne says:

    I am shocked about the entire project as Greenwich Council and of course the Ikea Project Team have not addressed the very serious issue of traffic. We have major problems now and gods only knows what will happen when all of the current house building projects are finished not to mention The Ikea, new Sainsburys store, M&S etc are all finished.

    We all know and experience very frequently what happens when the Blackwall tunnel closes, the woolwich ferry breakdowns (frequently), so why does the greedy Royal Borough of Greenwich council continues to take but not addresses once and for all the serious traffic infra structure we have within the Greenwich area….where is the quality of life for the residents of Greenwich……..?

    Thank you and I hope we all will collectively object to this continued lack of respect that the council has for the residents.


  8. Capability Bowes says:

    If large items are going to be delivered, why trumpet the “excellent public transport links”?

  9. Resident says:

    Capability – Because they would be too large/heavy to be carried onto public transport!!!

  10. Capability Bowes says:

    But surely, delivering large items of furniture in a fleet of delivery vans creates problems in that it generates extra traffic. And all those customers driving to the store and home again creates even more.

    These points have not been addressed by IKEA. Instead, they trumpet about how wonderful the public transport links in the area are. Implying “do not drive to IKEA, come on the bus and take your items home on the bus rather than taking them home in your car or adding to traffic problems but having us deliver them”

  11. Resident says:

    But how can you say people will arrive by car rather than by public transport, especially when they know what they need would be too large/need to many items to fit into their car. Or say a fleet would be needed as they fit a lot into one van it’s flat pack! Most would drive to the existing sainsburys as that would fit into a car.

  12. David says:

    Hear, hear Hugh O’Byrne; on the subject of traffic management and parking, why can’t they rub out some of the yellow lines in front of, for example, garages that haven’t seen a car in twenty-odd years….? Crackers, the Council are. PS where are they building a M&S?

  13. Geoff3 says:

    How does the delivery truck get to and from the store then? :)

  14. derek small says:

    Copied from comments i published this weekend relevant to this thread too:

    For those against the Ikea store it’s likely that the biggest concern is traffic, as it usually is with such developments. So if we assume that Ikea could ‘potentially’exacerbate the already dire levels of congestion and pollution in and around the peninsula, then let Greenwich Council use the carrot of a ‘real earner’ for the giant of a private limited company, to actually IMPROVE the traffic. How? By persuading Ikea that, as a responsible environmentally aware company, they should not entertain increasing levels of pollution causing poor health to local residents, but instead use their huge power and influence to introduce alternative methods of travelling to and from their store and delivery of heavy/bulky purchases. It could be done! Unthinkable actions such as REDUCING the car parking by 50% and replacing it with cycle parking, green landscaping and outdoor rain sheltered eating and drinking areas (think Westfield for example). Improving the cycle paths in and around. Ecofriendly ‘green’ buses from centres such as Woolwich and Greenwich and Lewisham directly to and from the store- places which have feeder bus routes by the dozen to link up. Make the remaining parking EXPENSIVE and the home delivery option (which could be from a warehouse away from high density living areas like the peninsula)CHEAP. This move towards viewing items at large stores for subsequent on-line purchase/delivery is already happening and predicted to be the future of retail. Ikea bikes (like adapted Boris bikes!)could have storage panniers and/or trailers for loan and return for those who wish to have immediate delivery, and are fit enough and brave enough to tackle the London roads ( I do every day to work in Greenwich and I’m no ‘spring chicken’.) These could even be ridden by Ikea’s trained cycling delivery boys and girls (local employment too) It’s a complete re-think of encouraging stores to think more than just the immediate profit line, but taking a responsible and caring attitude to those locally whom their stores can affect both negatively and positively. Is this all science fiction, ‘pie in the sky’? If this could be managed, it would be a first for both Greenwich and Ikea, and a blueprint for the future. Would i then use the store? Probably at some point yes, and i know my wife would definitely (much to our wallets dismay). I personally would prefer a kind of mixed use market, a kind of Borough market and Greenwich market in one, both outdoor and indoor. Is this likely though? Perhaps with enough local support yes, but somehow i doubt that would happen with the populations general apathy. It’s hardly the Tooting Popular Front in Greenwich, and so given the ‘Hobson’s Choice’ of Ikea, lets make them pay a bit more than they had planned with the promise it could reward them in the end. The future is in our hands.

  15. Barbara says:


    Thank you for your well thought out response above. I have heavily plagiarised it in my written objection to Ikea [below] which I will follow up with the council when plans are submitted. I attach a copy in case anyone else agrees with Derek and wants to add their weight to the argument.

    “I plan to object to the proposal to open a new store on the Greenwich Peninsula on the basis that it can only make an already dire traffic situation in the local area worse. I see nothing in the proposed plans, which are for a traditional purchase and pick up IKEA store, which will actually reduce current parking at the site.
    I would be in favour of introducing measures like:
    • alternative methods of travelling to and from the store and delivery of heavy/bulky purchases.
    • Reduce car parking by 50% and replacing it with cycle parking, green landscaping and outdoor rain sheltered eating and drinking areas (think Westfield for example).
    • Improving the cycle paths in and around.
    • Ecofriendly ‘green’ buses from centres such as Woolwich and Greenwich and Lewisham directly to and from the store. Places which have feeder bus routes by the dozen to link up.
    • Make the remaining parking EXPENSIVE and the home delivery option (which could be from a warehouse away from high density living areas like the peninsula) CHEAP
    • Eco-friendly home delivery (by bike or electric van) for small batches of shopping, for those of us who pop in to buy a candle and leave £500 poorer with the latest essentials  So it is still possible to get carried away if you walk to the store. There is also no reason why Ikea could not support the development of small local businesses to offer this on your behalf. Large plastic crates like those used by on-line supermarkets could be used to deliver small goods which are purchased in store.
    • Develop a road access and exit point directly from the A2 closing local access points to cars completely. To be honest though, given the usual gridlock on the approach to the Blackwall tunnel this probably won’t help sales.

    A store for viewing large items which are only for subsequent on-line purchase/delivery, with small items which can be carried home on public transport would be a better solution for the property.
    I am an IKEA customer and I fully support the expansion of your business in appropriate locations. Unfortunately, primarily due to the apathy of the Greenwich Council to not address current and historical transport issues in the area, I cannot support your proposed development in its current incarnation.”

    Yours etc