I’m taking a holiday at the moment but Samantha tells me this is urgent so I’ll pop this one out quickly. She says:

I’ve just moved into the area, and have a grade II listed (property) that needs much attention. Firstly I need to replace all the windows and I wondered if you could recommend someone. I have spoken with Peter Denney as suggested on the site but need comparisons as this is a big job with all taken out and new with boxes put in. I heard about Pembroke and Nash and wondered if you or any of your readers had used them or could make suggestions?

The Phantom replies:

I’ve never had to replace windows, so this is not an area of expertese (and this is why the two following suggestions are not in the trusted tradespeople section) but I do have a couple of suggestions.

Firstly I have heard that a chap called Malcolm Tierney is worth contacting. His number is 077 7565 7371.

I don’t normally take much notice of leaflets that come through the door (especially since at least half of the ones I get is the same cowboy-company masquerading as specialists in various trades, all of which they are appalling at…) but one local guy who only does sash windows intrigued me with his idiosyncratic flyer. David Howe lists actual addresses (well over 100 of them, with house-numbers included) where people can view his work on one side of his folded sheet of A4, the other side is a dense, paragraphless block of text with his mission statement. I repeat, I know nothing about this guy’s work, but he’s passionate at least…

020 8859 2844
07939 497 538

I am sure other people can suggest some names.

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12 Comments to “Windows”

  1. Paul says:

    We have a listed property, and had all the sashes replaced by Greenwich Glass & Joinery (we kept the boxes). They are very good and are one of the few people who can do the narrow glazing bars you get on 1820s properties. Their prices have gone up, but I think you can barter with them; it’s posibly worth getting a joiner to fit them, rather than getting them to do the fitting.

    There are two fairly big family firms who operate around Greenwich, with nicely-painted vans which advertise, among other things, their custom joinery. Avoid them! One in particular is responsible for some very dodgy work, which they had to re-do once the Conservation Officer noticed, and I’ve seen them ruin other houses too.

  2. Maureen says:

    I can echo the recommendation of Greenwich Glass & Joinery. They replaced two windows for us last year– one was a full replacement (box and sash) and the other was just the sash. We too are in a Grade II listed house. There was a persistent problem with one of the shutters on one of the windows and they came back three times to sort it out at no extra charge.

  3. TRC says:

    Is Mr Denny a Peter or Graham? –

    The numbers given for above David Howe match those on the link for Graham Denny.,_Maintenance_and_Repair/DAVID_HOWE_SASH_WINDOWS

  4. Pass, I’m afraid – I have never used the service, just putting it forward as a possiblity. Can’t vouch either way for them.

  5. Franklin says:

    Samantha -

    It is rarely the case that old windows are so degraded that they need to be replaced completely. Unless they are completely rotten, it is considerably cheaper, quicker, and more sympathetic to a listed building to refurbish your existing windows.

    Also, bear in mind that as your house is Grade II listed, you will almost certainly need planning permission to replace any windows, which is a time consuming process.

    We also live in a Grade II listed house and had two of our windows refurbished by Greenwich Glass and Joinery. They did an excellent job – cutting out some rotten sections and scarfing in new wood, replacing sash cords, and draught proofing – and were quite reasonably priced.

  6. Kate says:

    Another vote for Greenwich glass and joinery – live in a Grade II listed building. They replaced our windows with new green oak frames which I was very pleased with. Good service and quality.

  7. Ben cooper says:

    Hi my company specializes in the repair/ draught proofing and decoration of exisisting box sashes. It’s very rare that we come across
    Windows beyond repair , and with our overhaul service
    Existing windows can be made as effective as new .
    Please contact me if you want further information on the service we provide . We are Greenwich / Blackheath based and will be happy to assist .
    Best Ben
    CR Carpentry ltd

  8. Sheila says:

    Yet another vote for Greenwich glass and joinery – we had to replace all of our windows (our house was derelict when we bought it) and they did a great job. Expensive but worth it.

  9. Folks – I’m letting Ben’s comment through – but just to mention I don’t know him any more than any other services mentioned here. TGP

  10. John says:

    Ben renovated my 1850s sashes and I would recommend him highly. Fantastic job, great value and lovely people. But I did rather hope that we might be able to keep him a secret in our little enclave the Village side of the heath – most in my road have used him, and there are a couple more houses to do . . .

  11. Adrian says:

    We have used Ben Cooper for work on our house on Royal Hill. We are very satisfied with his work and attention to detail and are using him again for further work. Thoroughly recommended.

  12. Sven Ellis says:

    Malcolm Tierney will do an excellent job of draughtproofing existing windows, but I don’t thing he makes new ones.