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Warning. This post will not flow at all well.

I have no reason for putting in Ruth’s picture of cranes over the red dawn this morning other than I like it and it somehow shows the way things are going – season-wise and Greenwich-wise. I just wish the myriad developments shooting up just now were a bit better quality and a bit nicer to look at. I went past the junction at the bottom of Vanbrugh Hill/Blackwall Lane last night and was once again shocked at the sheer size of the developments there. Virtually every view there was in East Greenwich is dominated by it and its even less exciting friend across the road.

But actually this post isn’t about development. I’m not even going to mention the very scary building work going on at the Pilot at the end of which I suspect the once-lovely garden (one of the principle reasons to go to the pilot) will just be a skinny strip for smokers.

Ah. I just did. Hey…

No actually, this is a very, very late notice for something on Saturday which I’ve known about for about a week and haven’t had the time to mention.

I’m sorry, BTW, about the state of the Parish News. I know it hasn’t been updated for months. I just don’t have the time just now, even for the press releases that actually make sense or are a sensible length. I will get round to it, I just don’t know when.

But onto the thing that caught my eye:

This Saturday (5th Oct) there’s a free day of lectures by the University of Greenwich (whose own monster development continues apace in the centre of town, I notice).

It’s called Greenwich Past: Pensioners, Paupers and Pageants and it looks a corker.

Organised by University of Greenwich historians, the day begins with Harvey Sheldon’s presentation: The Excavation of a Roman Temple in Greenwich Park. He is followed by Laura Allan: Interpreting History – Severndroog Castle; and Andy Brockman: Zeppelins, Andersons and Ack Ack – Conflict Archaeology in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

After lunch Martin Wilcox presents: The “Poor Decayed Seamen” of Greenwich Hospital, 1705-1763. Sandra Dunster follows with: ‘A Heavy and Increasing burden’ – The Royal Naval Hospital and the parish of Greenwich.

In the day’s final session Chris Ware presents Gin, tea and tobacco: the Royal yachts at Greenwich, 1690-1745. Emma Hanna rounds the day off with Patriotism and Pageantry: the Greenwich Night Pageant, 1933.

There are limited places available for a tour of the Old Royal Naval College during the break for lunch at midday. The day runs from 9.30am until 4pm in King William Court, Room 002, Old Royal Naval College, Park Row, London SE10 9LS. To book a place please email: historyevents@gre.ac.uk

Sadly I’m not in a position to go anywhere at the moment but it looks absolutely brilliant, especially the Greenwich Night Pageant one. This was a bonkers event in, if memory serves, 1933, organised by Greenwich’s very own Nazi and I spent a week ‘going to it’ a few years ago (annoyingly the posts are in reverse order – scroll to the bottom and read upwards – like the pageant itself, utterly mad…)

Here’s hoping there are still some places left for you – do let me know what it’s like. This is one I’ll be sad to miss…

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  1. bats says:

    Or are you bluffing and will actually be there?

  2. JOF says:

    … at least in spirit?