Pigsty Alley

How fab is this? The newest sign in Greenwich is a revival of an 18th Century name for what remains of a ancient thoroughfare. David, who sent me the photo, tells me that the alley, which runs between Maidenstone Hill and Winforton Street, originally ran much further north but post-war clearances severed it.

I’ve been looking on various old maps for the alley but without luck – maybe someone has one?

David says “ironically there is no evidence as far as I can see for there being sties in the area, although the keeping of pigs and chickens in back yards would not have been uncommon in days gone by.”

Indeed – I know of at least one garden with very fancy chickens up there now…

Hooray for the council allowing themselves to be persuaded to use old names, however unflattering. I wish they had taken such an attitude when assigning titles to the tedious new streets in the ‘Heart’ of East Greenwich…

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4 Comments to “Pigsty Alley”

  1. chris says:

    Late 18th century plans of Deptford do indeed show pigsties to the rear of buildings.

  2. oh, lawd. You know its bad if theres a “pigsty alley” sign. i should get a sign like this for my son’s bedroom door.


  3. Gordon of Greenwich says:

    I though Pigsty Alley was the walkway that links Tunnel Ave to the retail park on the other side of the A102. It’s always littered with flytips and trolleys!