Here We Go Again…

Something to remember about commercial developers/ big chains. THEY NEVER GIVE UP. They get their planning permission refused, they ignore it. They’ll get ordered to take down the offending article, they’ll try again. And again. And again.

So here we are, congratulating ourselves on victory over stopping the shocking Lovell’s Wharf contravention of rules, trying to almost double the capacity of planning permission under the guise of minor alteration and, while our backs are turned, an old sore futher into town begins to fester again.

Thank goodness Malcolm is more eagle-eyed than me. I actively looked at Greenwich Time’s applications this week and missed this – at the bottom of P23 (it only has 24 pages…)

Yet again, Frankie and Bennys are trying to plaster their ghastly illuminated signs (and non-illuminated) all over their hideous restaurant building, turning the classic Greenwich waterfront into the Blackpool illuminations.

These guys never stop. They figure that we will run out of heart to object before they run out of cash to keep reapplying.

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Frankie and Bennys sign app
Frankie and Bennys sign app

5 Comments to “Here We Go Again…”

  1. bats says:

    Has anyone actually eaten in a Frankie and Bennys? I was unfortunate enough to be dragged to one by my daughter. It was worse than school dinners. I am surprised they are still in existence and personally think (hope) they will not be around for much longer, however, they still should not be allowed to blight our pier with their neon lights and a cheeky application is just taking the p….I will be sending my objection later. Thanks for pointing this out. Though the name Frankie and Bennys has a mafia sound…

  2. Alipom says:

    I received notification of this from the Council planning office a few days ago, having previously objected. Looking at the new apps, F&B’s proposal now seems to be to have the main fascia sign of wood with their name routed out and a light shining on it (‘externally illuminated’); then there’s a small sign with their initials sticking out (‘projection’) over the pathway. No neon. Trouble with internet means I can’t put links to the drawings up right now but it does seem they’ve finally got the message. (I’m no expert at reading architectural drawings, though.)

  3. Mr Eee says:

    @Alipom. I got one of those too – however I read it as an “extremely illuminated” sign. I think I need glasses

  4. Alipom says:

    Mr Eee, you were quite right – the first letter from the planning department said ‘extremely illuminated’; then a few days later I received another letter amended to ‘externally illuminated’! So no need to worry about your eyesight ;)

  5. james says:

    I did speak with the Sainsbury’s Manager a few months ago, the coast was too high to develop the comet store to expand the Sainsbury’s store. I told him that I wouldn’t be shopping at their new store in Charlton because you would have to be checking and contend with the traffic if Charlton is playing at home, RTTB and the London Marathon would mean road closures and traffic grid lock, there are fewer bus routes to the new Sainsbury’s site, which a lot of bus user use on their way to north Greenwich Station. A few years ago Asda were refuse planning permission to expand they should seek permission to put a misalign floor to increase floor space in there existing store. Sainsbury’s is the only decent size supermarket where you could a Christmas food shop in the SE10 postcode; Waitrose is to small a hidden out the way. To many little big chains in SE10 Trafalgar road Sainsbury’s Local, Tesco express, Iceland, Co-op local, nisa missing is Morrison’s. Ikea dose a change of use from food to non-food apply, if so I would like this site kept for a food retailer. The new Tesco extra in Woolwich has hammered Sainsbury’s in Woolwich which I can see close when the new Sainsbury’s in Charlton opens. Is there not somewhere else ikea could go in SE10. Will ikea have a restaurant? Think I will food shop out of Greenwich. This will be the nearest IKEA store to central London, it will serve, Greenwich, Bexley, Bromley, Lewisham, Southwark, City, Tower Hamlets, Newham etc.