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Right folks, on my way out of the door, so can’t stop, but I’ve been asked to tell you about yet another petition, this one about the humungous size of the Lovell’s Wharf development which was given planning permission for one size and has gone for the back-door route for something altogether different – and enlarging the original by a third. We’ve spoken about it before and I thought it was too late to object, but apparently it isn’t so if you’re so inclined, here is the link

Sorry, by the way, about the hap-hazard posting recently and if you’ve sent me mail and I haven’t replied. Life is such that Phantomising isn’t as easy as it could be.

Right – I’m off for a few days. Happy weekend, all.

10 Comments to “A petition”

  1. Mary says:

    What happened is that the planning application was set to be decided at the Planning Board a couple of weeks ago – but the councillors on the board decided they would like to visit the site before they made a decision. That means that it will come up again – I was told on the 21st. So anyone with any comments for/against needs to discuss that with the Planners/Committee Clerks before then.

  2. Jon Cole says:

    Thanks for posting GP and for the update Mary

  3. Pelton Pirate says:

    I’m so glad that someone knocked on my door today and told me it isn’t too late (I thought I’d missed the boat). I’m onboard with getting this mobilised on twitter.

  4. Jon Cole says:

    Good work Pelton Pirate

  5. Jon Cole says:

    The petition is now up to 478 supporters. This will go to the planning commitee on 21st October. The recommnedadtion from the council’s planning office is for it to be approved…

  6. Mr H says:

    Is there a link where I can express my objections?

  7. Charles says:

    The link doesn’t seem to work. Please could someone tell me where to sign?

    Also, is it being taken door to door? No one has asked me for a signature so I assume there are lots of other local residents who could be asked – given local demographic I doubt everyone is active online!

    And I’d encourage everyone to write independently as well as sign the petition. The panel need to hear reasons (lack of resources, congestion, ambulance times, school places etc, as well as damaging tourism by ruining iconic view from park), not just receive a petition.


  8. Is anyone else having trouble with the link? I tried it just now and had no trouble with it.

  9. Nelson's Left Eye says:

    Just signed. Over 700 signatures now.

    The current ten (?) storey building is already dominating and ruining the once-attractive skyline. A thirteen storey block will be hideous.

    Isn’t there meant to be four buildings in this development, if so wouldn’t the next have to be sixteen storeys high to maintain the overall stepped style?

  10. Jon Cole says:

    We are now almost at 1000 signatures. In addition to the petition we are encouraging people to write to Chris Roberts, the leader of the council with their objections (chris.roberts@royalgreenwich.gov.uk) and/or to attend the planning meeting on Monday 21st at 6:30 (Old Greenwich Town Hall, Wellington Street, Woolwich).

    Finally, a short video has been produced. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssa-iC4uAl4