I don’t know how many of you joined me in leaving Nationwide when it left us a couple of years ago. I figured that if they couldn’t be bothered to have a branch anywhere near me I couldn’t be bothered to give them my custom. Of course they won’t have missed my tuppence ha’penny worth of business but it was the principle.

Of course they swore when they golluped up the Portman Building Society that neither bank would leave Greenwich. Both did, and when the second one went, I walked.

So – Lloyds TSB have been forced to split up their business and Greenwich’s version is to be a TSB. Will the same thing happen?

I can’t tell, but when the Portman was subsumed the livery was quietly changed overnight in a ‘nothing to see here…’ kind of way, but as Mike’s picture shows, Lloyds have at least taken a different approach – with balloons and an opening by the Mayor  (except for twice a year I tend to forget we have a mayor – once with the annual swanky dinner debacle, the other when the Mayor’s rolled out to switch on the Christmas lights. For your information she’s Councillor Angela Cornforth…)

So maybe this one will stay and Greenwich won’t lose any more services. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Darryl says:

    Still got the tatty old Lloyds green carpet in place, though – no natty TSB blue.

    For various reasons, it took me until last month to get around to quitting Nationwide. The Blackheath branch is still empty, the Greenwich branch is under threat of being a bookies (may have been a planning meeting tonight on it), the Lewisham one already is one.

  2. I’m curious to see what will happen long-run. I’m with Lloyds (now personal accounts) and TSB (now business accounts). So technically speaking it seems the Greenwich branch is a business banking branch for TSB.

    Perhaps I’m just jaded. ;) Having been a Bank of Scotland customer since ’93, when they took on Halifax I was thrilled with the idea of new branches in London (BoS only had 2 previously) – this never really happened as BoS customers were still limited in what they could do at a BoS/Halifax branch. Then Lloyds TSB bought HBoS. Now the monster has split again, I don’t hold out hope for the crossover services of personal vs business staying reliable.

  3. from their website:

    “we are making the changes gradually, so both Lloyds Bank and TSB customers can still use all branches for as some time. We will put a notice in our branches to let you know when services for Lloyds Bank customers in a TSB branch, and TSB customers in a Lloyds Bank branch, will no longer be available.”

    So they will potentially divide completely in time. (and I might have the biz/personal split wrong – TSB might be the personal?)

  4. Union Jon says:

    Working in this industry, Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) have split TSB so as to make it more attractive to buyers. This division (TSB) was the part that Co-op we trying to buy out a few months ago before it all collapsed. This in my opinion is a short term thing to sell on the business arm to someone else ie Virgin Money is the rumour.

    They are purely trying to give it, its own identity to make it more marketable. Nothing really has changed other than the core business that LBG are modelling their current business plan on will be kept with LBG and the business they want to sell is being left with TSB. Basically they are cherry picking parts of the business.

    RBS have a similar deal with various part of their business with the government. ie why Direct Line got floated last year on the stock exchange