Greenwich Cablevision – It Moves! It Breathes!

We’ve talked about Greenwich Cablevision many, many times before – the first ever independent community TV station.

Sadly many of the posts were on the old site where I wasn’t able to keep any of the comments when I moved (which is why some of my older posts make me look like I’m Phantom-no-mates, it also accounts for some of the clunky formatting, I’m afraid).

It was a grave loss as there were loads of people who remembered or worked on the Plumstead-based TV station who’d written their memories. I have saved them, along with the best of the other comments and one of these days when I actually have some time I’ll collate them so they can be shared.

But I’d never actually seen any footage before. That is, until yesterday, when some fetched up on the BBC Magazine, where they’re showing a little docco clip from a 1974 Horizon, two years after the station opened.

It’s fascinating, showing behind-the-scenes footage, along with a clip of Greenwich Cablevision News, but the best bit is definitely at the end, when local gem┬áMolly Monckton, from Blackheath, reads her poem about Greenwich Fair.

Everything about her piece is brilliant – from the set, which includes a vase of daffs, a teddy bear and what I can only describe as a floral tribute in the background to Molly herself, a fabulous character with horn-rimmed glasses, lurex dress, silk corsage, bouffant hair and a true TV personality. Jackanory missed a trick there.

Sadly the BBC don’t seem to allow people to embed content any more, so you’ll just have to visit the site which is here.


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Greenwich Cablevision BBC

2 Comments to “Greenwich Cablevision – It Moves! It Breathes!”

  1. Simon says:

    The magazine story inspired me to create an entry for the channel on Wikipedia. It isn’t complete yet and, alas, anecdotes are a no-no there, but I rather hopeful of sorting out sufficient that it will feature on the site’s main page as a “Did You Know” before too long.

  2. Steve says:

    And now you get a mention on the BBC website.