Alphabet of Greenwich (S)

Stephen points out that we haven’t had an Alphabet of Greenwich since the May Bank Holiday so it’s about time we had another.

I guess all the ‘Saints’ churches count – or do they? How about all the ‘Schools of…’ and various Societies?

I don’t have photos of Sabo the newsagent, Squeeze or Straightsmouth But who needs that when you have a picture of the Straightsmouth Stink Pipe?

But over to you.

‘S’ should be a pretty easy one, shouldn’t it?

The floor is open…

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Stockwell 1 greenwich heritage c
Stockwell 1 greenwich heritage c


sayes court
sayes court

School of architecture simon4 low
School of architecture simon4 low

St Alfege 13 low
St Alfege 13 low

sammy ofer wing stephen 2 low
sammy ofer wing stephen 2 low

5 Comments to “Alphabet of Greenwich (S)”

  1. Chris says:

    Spencer Perceval.

    The only British Prime Minister to be assassinated.(1810ish??)

    Buried at St. Lukes Church, Charlton.

  2. Stephen says:

    Cutty Sark.
    Ship in a bottle.
    Soot hole Crooms hill house.
    Michael Searles architect.
    Stubbs paintings of a kangeroo and a dingo.
    Sailor King William IV.
    St. Mary’s gate.
    Anglo Saxon Tumili.
    Power station.
    Cricket square.
    Honest sausage (scandelous prices)
    St. Mary’s lodge.
    Royal Hospital for Seamen.
    Shooter’s Hill.
    Time ball signal.
    Large standing figure knife edge sculpture.

  3. Dave says:

    Good one Chris

    Spencer Perceval died 11th May 1812

  4. JOF says:

    Shooters Hill (self-evident)
    SECR – South East and Chatham Railway (steamy)
    Subterranean Greenwich (spooky).

    And, with the Phantom’s Alphabet Of Greenwich, a Salamagundi.

  5. JOF says:

    OK then, salmagundi.