Yet More Objectional Planning

This time it’s the other side of the river, and we’ve talked about it before, but once again the goalposts are being moved once planning permissions’s gone through. This one is basically at the very edge of Island Gardens park, and is being sneaked in under the guise of a ‘community centre’ that I understand the community – or at least many – don’t want.

There’s already a single-storey building there, but Telford Homes (yeah, them again…) have ‘kindly’ offered to rebuild it – with three storeys of apartments on top. They want to knock down the boundary wall to the Grade II listed park to make a nice back garden for residents.

If you want a wry smirk, click on the picture above and see how the City Cruise boat has been badly photoshopped onto the embarrassing bit of the picture for Telford where the river wall shows how intrusive the development would be – they haven’t even bothered photoshopping the whole boat – that back end’s cut off.

Oh, and the apartments that were going to be for social housing have now, oddly, disappeared; now the whole lot will be ‘luxury’.

Of course if you’ve got people living on top of a community centre, it’s going to be a very limited community who can use it – basket weavers and stamp collectors should be okay but anyone who might want to make a bit of a noise is soon going to be shut up and as for the traditional fundraiser for community centres, functions, forget it.

And for us over the other side, imagine a four-storey building sticking out of the end of the park to the left of the foot tunnel:

and here you can see what it will actually look like, handsome devil that it is:

There’s a Facebook Group, and a petition but apparently letters carry more weight so if you want to write to the council, send thoughts to and cc Cllr Thienel: Apparently if everyone in a household signs it, each person is logged separately.

Oh boy am I getting weary of all this under-the-radar goalpost movery by developers. Now that we are told we’re coming out of recession (personally I’d like a bit of evidence that actually affects me to prove this claim…) the developers are crawling like cockroaches out of the wainscotting, pleading poverty to change designs that once including things that might be nice for the community at large and looking to make the traditional killing while we’re all still just relieved that some building, any building, is going on again.

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proposed building island garden
proposed building island garden

island gardens photo
island gardens photo

Island gardens with affected area
Island gardens with affected area

5 Comments to “Yet More Objectional Planning”

  1. Daveh48 says:

    When walking along the river front yesterday and today there were sounds of chain saws wafting across the river from that direction. Annual pruning or cutting back trees? Seems a bit coincidental.


  2. Runa says:

    I do wonder what the going rate for the kickback is, for the guys who approve these back-door planning permissions

  3. Crossfields says:

    Bang goes Island Gardens. What a bland addition! Thanks for spotting, Phantom!

  4. Mr Eee says:

    To be fair it doesn’t look the boat was photoshopped in. It looks like this is a stitched panorama with several photos stitched together. The boat was there in one shot, but not in the shot that was stitched together with it.

    But even a five year-old with an iphone app could do a better job….