How Low is Under the Radar?

Okay, so this bit of ground along Creek Road has been hotly contested for, like, ever. You only need to look at the sign on David Herbert’s gaff to see how long he’s been fighting.

And in many ways it’s a losing battle. The trees are mainly gone, and planning permission exists for development. That’s development in addition to the thousands of new apartments already being thrown up around there. That little patch of green around 258 is all that’s left, but don’t get too attached to it.

The planning permission isn’t brilliant – but it is mixed use and, at the moment, includes some respite from the relentless, soulless living accommodation that, unbroken, creates dormitories not communities.

It’s not easy to find any planning permission on Greenwich Council website (though at least they now admit it’s nigh-on impossible to make comments just and invite you to email directly. No idea when the form will be back…) but if you go to this address and type 13/0364/F into the box you should get there.

Thing is, the developers want to move the goalposts – now the Olympics are over they’re not so keen on the hotel idea any more and want to shove up yet more flats (to be technical, it’s actually not the original developers – Telford sold-on the planning permission to a company who really do seem to care about nothing but profit) and it would seem that to some at least this isn’t important enough a change to tell anyone about it.

A handful of very local Creekside residents got a letter about this. No one else did. Not the people who’d have to look at the new buildings across the road, not other local residents, not no one else.

The residents who were told were given ten days to submit any thoughts about this. That means there’s probably about five now.

It’s yet another example of developers getting the upper hand by sneaking in as under the radar as possible, of a council who if they’re not actively colluding with the developers are certainly giving the impression they are, and of another little bit of Green Greenwich about to be gobbled up under glass and steel.

If you’d like to see what, unless you’ve been picked out for special treatment, you won’t have seen go to the address above and put in this reference 13/1832/PN . Look at the drawing, the microscopic people in it and worry. If you want to let your feelings known you can, in this instance, click on the box that says ‘make a public comment.’ Any problems email: But remember – you don’t have long.

For my part, the bit that depresses me the most is that this major change to the original planning permission is not only being slipped in through the back door, it seems almost conspiratorial in its stealth.

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10 Comments to “How Low is Under the Radar?”

  1. 16" East says:

    Wow! The height of the building is frightening! I guess they apply for towers and if it gets refused they just scale it down until planners agree. Planners seem to be mighty flexible these days…

    Does being in Greenwich borough rather than over the border with lewisham help at all? It is really out of line with its immediate surroundings and more similar to the other side of the creek that now resembles imposing central London glass offices.

    They will probably get a smaller version through. Sad, no room to breathe.

  2. DBQS says:

    While i admit this area needs to cleaned up a bit, i am against this type of development, what happened to the community plans released just last month?
    they look so much better.

    Keep the Green in Greenwich!

  3. Fatty Fatty BumBum says:

    Even though they don’t appear to have obtained planning permission for this yet, they are actively marketing the units to let:

    A sign of their confidence in getting approval perhaps or is this a different project?

  4. Franklin says:

    I think you’re confused, Phant (or I’m reading your post wrong).

    Planning application 13/1832/PN has nothing to do with the Creek Road/Bardsley Lane development – it refers to the carbuncles on the other (west) side of the Creek, between Creek Road and Copperas Street.

    They want to change the lower three floors of this monstrosity into residential.

    Same issue, I guess – another backdoor attempt to squeeze in more residential – but nowt to do with a hotel, and in a less historically sensitive location…

  5. Franklin says:

    Sorry, the shortened link to streetview didn’t work – trying again!

  6. Darren says:

    The council site seems to be designed to create the maximum level of confusion and deter the public from expressing their veiws.

    My reading of the plans suggests that the grassy area beyond the bookshop is no longer being built upon, does anyone else see it that way?

  7. Franklin says:

    Afraid not, Darren. The approved scheme (from 2010) for that bit is going ahead. The developers have just modified the stretch between the Bardley Lane/Creek Road junction and the bookshop – and of course are now building on the south side of Bardsley Lane, where the car wash is now.

    I’m afraid that’s pretty much a done-deal now as the consultation closed several months ago…

  8. andrew says:

    I’m not against development but it feels like we are now being packed like sardines in a tin can. That is a pretty ugly looking building. Its up there with creekside and the one going up behind the station. I just wish these developers would think about the communities in which they build, and councils could grow a pair and force the design teams to come up with better options and consultation, not to mention the goal post changes (Thames path swing bridge s106 anyone?). Greenwich needs development, but unfortunately the council have not thought the feel or the way all these randomly clad buildings do not fit in. The vibe and soul of a place is changing…yours depressingly…

  9. andrew says:

    Also on the creek road creekside development is that why the unlet retail units now have sold stickers all over them?

  10. Lisa says:

    Andrew, the sold stickers refer to the flats being sold.
    Creekside residents are fighting the proposed change of use of the retail/hotel part to residential. It would be a dangerous precedent for the council to allow this change of use.