Severndroog Castle

Okay so this is a screenshot, taken by The Phantom Webmaster on the day the Shard opened. I had managed to win tickets by suggesting a landmark that could be seen from said Shard, but that the general public might not have heard of, for inclusion on the groovy virtual telescope, which is what you can see here.

What you can also see is a bit of a fib.

This was back in February and the blurb says ‘a local community group restored the castle to its former glory.

Now, while the intention was there, in February the tower was very much not restored. We’d all been ‘sponsoring bricks’ and donating money (or at least trying to – a ‘well-known national newspaper’ who I shall not name asked me to write an article for them. I agreed in return for a donation to the restoration fund as I don’t agree with writing articles for national newspapers for nowt, they agreed and then welched on the deal, not that I’m bitter or anything…) but at that point it still wasn’t happening.

But I am delighted to say it’s begun. Michael tipped me off that there’s now scaffolding all over the shop (well, okay, the castle…) and when I looked it up on website it confirms that work began on 10th June and is expected to be complete in mid-December.

I am very excited. I went up once on Open House Day and the view is superb. It will be great to get up there for more than the paltry 5 minutes we were allowed, and with a bit of luck the tearoom on the first floor, with all that glorious rococo plasterwork, will be open again, perhaps even in time for Christmas.

I daresay I shall be able to see the Shard from it, though I’m rather hoping it doesn’t cost upwards of £30 a pop to go up it…

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Severndroog castle screenshot low
Severndroog castle screenshot low

5 Comments to “Severndroog Castle”

  1. Stephen says:

    On Friday I was on the way back from Bexleyheath and thought I would pop in to see the castle and was surprised to see it encased with scaffolding and sheeting. Good news about the restoration having started.

  2. Nathan says:

    Welcome back TGP!

    Sponsored a brick a couple of weeks ago, very much looking forward to it all being finished.

  3. Deptford Dame says:

    Great news about the restoration work! As for the paper, name and shame I say. Too much of that sort of casual exploitation going on.

  4. Maggie says:

    Though I’m not personally involved in the Severndroog restoration, I do know people who are. That there hasn’t appeared to be a lot going doesn’t mean that much has had to be done to organise getting this far. Apart from the small location donations, the Heritage Lottery is providing most of the funding and their procedures and monitoring are pretty vigilant, to put it mildly. The real shame is that Greenwich Council (hush my mouth, the Royal Borough)let the place go to rot for years, then rely on the struggles and hard work of a volunteer organising group to raise money,save it and bring it back into good, safe, order and use. And of course those volunteers have to work with the council planning department.. And of course it’s a listed building. So, cheers to those locals who work hard, for no monetary reward at all on projects like this. And welcome back Phantom.

  5. Maggie says:

    Obviously meant local, not location. Sorry folks, early in the morning.