I’m Back

Good grief – it’s been a month; the longest I’ve ever left a gap between posts. Sorry, folks, it couldn’t be helped. I can’t even guarantee I’m back for long now – but I’m going to give it a good bash.

When I stopped posting it was still cold and wet – now there’s this big orange thing in the sky and it feels like summers I remember from when I was a kid.

I’ve tried to keep up with the news, but I’ve not really been out and about. What have I missed? Was the Greenwich and Docklands festival any good this year? How was the ‘Keep the Green’ event? Anyone been to Waitrose yet?

Photo: Mike Purdy

I tried to find the whale – no joy, though Mike found it:

I did come across these guys all over town as I as I was on my way to the cinema

Photo: Mike Purdy

Admittedly I didn’t actually get in to the cinema – it’s great to see the Picturehouse doing so well they couldn’t sell me a ticket…

Thanks for sending me stuff I now have the Giant Backlog of Doom. I’ll be wading through it over the next couple of weeks. In the meanwhile, I’m back in business (I hope) and raring to go into my (gulp) eighth phantasmagorical year…

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greenwich fair 6
greenwich fair 6

Photo: Mike Purdy
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Photo: Mike Purdy
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7 Comments to “I’m Back”

  1. Donovan says:

    Welcome back, Phant!

    Oh Waitrose, oh my! I might be in love.

  2. deebee says:

    Welcome back – missed you.

  3. Sheila says:

    Welcome back and happy blog birthday!

  4. RogerW says:

    Hiya TGP – Good to see you back!

  5. RogerW says:

    As regards ‘Keep the Green’ I got the impression they’d collected a great many signatures (mine included) for their petition.

  6. Paul says:

    I dropped in on Keep the Green and I think they’re worried because they haven’t attracted as many signatures as last time.

    As far as I can tell, the developers, as well as putting in the new scene, have applied to renew the old scheme – which includes bulldozing the shop. Perhaps this is just a stalking horse to pressurise the council into passing the new scheme, with its 5-storey buildings.

    Sadly there seem to have been few objections – whihc might well be down to the new council website which won’t allow many people to object, unless they find the relevant council officer’s email and contact them directly.

    The council tree officer has already given permission for all the trees to be chopped down.

  7. joe says:

    Paul, really? What a shame to lose those trees from the town centre area just so some developer can make more money and then leave. As if there aren’t enough densely-packed high rises being built at the moment… Well that’s Greenwich Council for you, money trumps everything including quality of life for local residents. I wonder if it’ll be any better once Roberts and his cronies go.