Rose’s Bench

A worrying little moment a short while back when the bench in the Rose Garden that the elderly homeless lady Maria Bennett, also affectionately known as Rose, used to spend sunny days was suddenly removed along with all but one of the tributes left after her tragic death. Stephen and I were a little concerned, but it would seem that the bench is back, and still has a little memorial wreath to her.

The original collection of memorials included a copy of a painting by, I presume, a local artist. It was utterly charming; Stephen and I can’t help wondering whether there might be some way of returning it, perhaps during the summer months, or finding another way to link that little area of the park with this gentle Greenwich character.

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roses's bench - portrait - stephen low
roses’s bench – portrait – stephen low

roses's bench - back - stephen low
roses’s bench – back – stephen low

rose's bench - gone stephen low
rose’s bench – gone stephen low

3 Comments to “Rose’s Bench”

  1. P&D says:


    I can’t quite read the memorial plaque on the bench when I zoom in. Is the bench officially dedicated to her? There seem to be a awful lot of letters after the name denoting honours of some description or other. Not to say that Rose couldn’t have honours but was wondering to whom the bench is offically dedicated.

  2. I don’t think the plaque is actually a memorial TO her – just the bench where she used to sit, and therefore the bench itself becomes the memorial.

  3. Stephen says:

    I have looked at the original photo and the bench is dedicated to J R Hare “Robbie” Retired Bailey of the Royal Parks. A previous supt. of Greenwich Park.
    ” A Garden is a Lovesome Thing”