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Barbara has just moved to Greenwich and like so many of us has decided to do the declutter after the move. She asks:

I’m trying to declutter and get rid of stuff, and that’s what I want to ask you: I’m trying to find out where I can recycle electronics. I’ve a couple of old phones, clocks, broken toys, stuff like that, and I don’t know where to recycle them. I’ve looked on the Greenwich Council site, but they say to look for the bright pink rubbish bins – but so far I haven’t found any of them, so have no idea where to look.

I have donated clothes and things to the Save the Children shop in Trafalgar Road and freecycled quite a few things, but I’m stuck with the electronics. Can you help me with that?

The Phantom replies:

I vaguely remember a pink bin over at Sainsburys on the peninsula, though it’s a bit of a long way to lug your toaster only to find the bin’s gone. There used to be one near you (Woodland Heights) on the pavement next to the ‘heart of East Greenwich’ but like everything else (including said pavement) it’s gone now.

There is one charity shop that takes electronic stuff – is it the Hospice? I vaguely remember red and white livery – perhaps someone can help.

Failing that, Freecycle is your friend – it’s helped me offload all sorts of stuff. It’s basically a Yahoo group aimed at keeping useable stuff out of landfill, where you post what you’re offering and people come round and take it off your hands. Most people who use it are lovely, but you do get the odd rude person or character that doesn’t turn up (several times, ahem…)

I’ve found that if you don’t answer the first person who replies, but review the replies after a day or so, you can choose the one that sounds least flaky, most likely to actually turn up and not be rude.

If you have access to a car, you can take your stuff to the council dump at Nathan Way in Thamesmead, where they will, I understand, recycle stuff for you. Office furniture, as a by the by, (and I know you weren’t asking) can be recycled (and purchased, very cheaply) by Greenworks also in Nathan Way.

But I’d be very keen to know who else takes electronics for recycling. Any good suggestions, folks?

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  1. Neil says:

    There is a ‘small electronic items’ recycling bin/unit on Charlton Rd, on the bridge over the A102, next to the Newbridge Workingmens club, by Blackheath Standard.

  2. Ros says:

    The electrical recycling bin is still there at Sainsburys although you may get there to find it’s absolutely full!

  3. Boneyboy says:

    Yes there is a bin for recycling small electrical goods on Charlton Way, also a bin for recycling dead batteries. I think that the electrical goods recycling binis regularly raided for items of scrap value by “independent entreprenuers” before the Council claims it. Of course that does mean that there is room in the bin and that metals get recycled. An alternative is to haul your unwanted goods to the Council’s recycling centre at Nathan Way, Thamesmead.

  4. There is a British Heart Foundation Furniture & Electrical Store on Lewisham High Street (209-211 Lewisham High Street; tel. 0844 248 9195) – they take donations of small electrical goods.

  5. Someone has just sent me this:

    “Curry’s now recycle all electric goods whether you bought them there or not. Just take them in and ask them to recycle – have done it several times. There is also a small electrics recycling bin at Sainsburys New Cross, so pretty sure there must be one at Peninsula. There is also a Currys here, but not sure where the nearest one to Greenwich is.”

    TGP comments:

    The nearest Currys I know is in the Charlton Business Park that also contains PC World, Halfords and whichever Carpet store that hasn’t gone out of business…

  6. Barbara says:

    Thanks very much for all the suggestions!

  7. DaveH48 says:

    Bexley Greenwich Hospice shop at the top of Blackwall Lane I think will take TV’s etc – they have a van for collecting larger items.

  8. Steven says:

    ….” Dreams”…..weird, other worldly place.

  9. Michael says:

    I normally leave recycling (including TV’s etc) outside my front gate and it’s gone in a few hours. Truly local recycling!

  10. Chris says:

    Around the Charlton area the roads are choc-a-bloc with vans/pick-ups just cruising looking for scrap.
    Leave your stuff on the pavement or hail one of them and they take everything. Latter day rag and bone men really.

  11. Caroline says:

    Emmaus, local charity supporting homeless, take electrical items too,

  12. tallgables says:

    I use the recycling site on the Isle of Dogs – much quicker to get to than Nathan Way