Faded Greenwich (20)

Anyone remember Faulkners carpets? I confess I don’t – but then this Faded Greenwich on the east end of Traf Road could be from any time before such vulgar things as advertisement hoardings were slapped up anywhere they’d fit. Stephen was passing and noticed that they must be in between ads or, no – ┬ácome to think of it – actually I believe it was an ad for the bike shop. Whatever it was, it’s gone, at least for the moment, and Greenwich is currently Faded.

Graphic Design geeks – what sort of period would you reckon this is from, given the lettering and arrow design? Early 1960s? I’d say that or maybe 1930s. Hell, I don’t know.

I’m guessing the arrow points to inside the ex-offie, cafe and Save the Children shop – if it was just one of those, the carpets must have been quite a squash, but I certainly remember small shops full of carpets when I was a kid, before the giant sheds took over. I just can’t remember where any of them were.

I doubt this few square inches of space will remain un-advertised for long so enjoy it while you can. It will never be as glorious as the much-mourned-at-Phantom-Towers AND GUT YOUR FIRST OCTOPUS (and let’s face it, what could be…?) but it is still a little secret part of Old Greenwich.

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3 Comments to “Faded Greenwich (20)”

  1. Miffee says:

    Faulkners was definitely there in the 50s and 60s, it was a big part of a thriving shopping centre. Of course the Granada was up and running as a real cinema with Saturday morning pictures etc.

  2. Mary says:

    Yes – bought a carpet off them

  3. Daveh48 says:

    As far as I can remember Faulkners had two shops in Trafalgar Road. One where this sign is located, I think the charity shop or one of the shops that were amalgamated to form the burger place, which sold tables, chairs and smaller items.

    Thee other is where Domino’s now resides and sold three piece suites and carpets on the ground floor, beds and wardrobes upstairs.

    They never had a large selection but this was before the likes of DFS and the only other places you could by furnishings were the bigger department stores.