Alphabet of Greenwich (R)

Should be like shooting the proverbial fish in a barrel today, folks with the letter R as our theme.

I’ll set you off with a few ideas

but generally I think we’ll have no problem with this one>

So, from Rotunda to Royal Hill,

Railway arches to Royal Teas

Let’s be having your Royal Greenwich ‘Rs’…

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Red door window
Red door window

royal hill garden
royal hill garden

roses's bench - portrait - stephen low
roses’s bench – portrait – stephen low

River001 hilary
River001 hilary


Rangers House roses
Rangers House roses

2 Comments to “Alphabet of Greenwich (R)”

  1. Stephen says:

    Sir Walter Raleigh
    Admiral Rodney ( Rodney was one of the house names at Roan school) and I have just seen he was
    Governor of Greenwich Hospital for five years.
    Cutty Sark Rigging.
    Astronomer Royal.
    Nick Raynsford.
    Romney Road.
    Neil Rhind.

  2. JOF says:

    Roman Remains.
    Royal Naval College.
    Real ale brewery.
    A Roman Road.
    Royal park providing Rus in urbe.